RV Wrap: Hope & Health Center x Elite Signs & Graphics

The Hope & Help Center Of Central Florida serves in the mission of the fight against aids. Their vision is to save lives by treating and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Central Florid (2). One way the Hope & Help Center of Central Florida is helping their community is by way of their, RV Mobile Wellness unit, which serves as a place to get free HIV/AIDs testing. At Elite Signs & Graphics, we helped to put the finishing touches to their Mobile Wellness Unit, by printing, laminating and installing their RV wrap, which will help them to bring awareness to their community through vehicle advertising.

Did You Know? According to the CDC, “More than 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection, and almost 1 in 6 (15.8%) are unaware of their infection (1).”

Per this CDC fact, the Hope & help Center of Central Florida’s Mobile Wellness Unit is sure to bring awareness and great positivity to the Central Florida community. Be sure to spot their Mobile Wellness Unit in Orlando,Florida and the surrounding areas.

Below are pictures of the Hope & Help Center of Central Florida’s, Mobile Wellness Unit – RV Wrap, which, we printed, laminated and installed. Not only does this amazing RV look stunning, but, the thought that, it will help to bring a positive change in others lives makes this project even more  worthwhile.





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