How is a Vehicle Wrapped?

1) First, you have to obtain a template or measurements of the vehicle, than, process your custom design through graphic illustration software.

Reunion Vehicle Wrap Template 2) Next, the design is converted in order to be printed onto a pressure sensitive vinyl, created just for wrapping.

3) After, the vehicle wrap design is printed, it is critical to laminate the printed vinyl to protect it from the sun, car washes, scratches and other elements.

4) Now, the vinyl is ready for installation, but, before installation of the vinyl takes place, the installer must first remove certain parts, like headlights, bumpers and other protruding objects from the vehicle to ensure that the vinyl is installed with accuracy. Reunion Vehicle Wrap Car Parts Removed

5) The next step is to clean and prep the vehicle by using special solutions in order to make sure there is no debris hiding under the vinyl, once installed.

6) The installer than tapes the properly positioned vinyl to the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle wrap design will install, exactly, how you want the outcome to be.

Pic1 (2)7) The backing of the vinyl is than peeled away and squeegeeing the vinyl onto the vehicle begins. Please note: wrap vinyl is not the same as sticker material, as wrap vinyl is more durable and conformable to the contours of the vehicle. Heat torches are used in addition to squeegeeing in order to conform the wrap vinyl to the contours of the vehicle, more precisely.

8) Lastly, it is best to trim the vinyl that remains in excess around the vehicle, by doing so, the vinyl vehicle wrap is left with a clean finish. To smooth out any bubbling and to prevent bubbling, heat and squeegees are used again, as the final step, in installing the vehicle wrap.


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