Food Trucks – Design through installation


Food Trucks are such a unique business. Every customer we work with has a unique vision, talent, and food they are selling. When they are ready to start the wrap process they have a lot to think about when choosing a company.

ZaiZaiSpecialization: Just as you wouldn’t let a general practice doctor perform your brain surgery, you shouldn’t trust a sign shop to handle the specialized creation and installation of your truck wrap. You need to hire a professional and qualified company that specializes in designing and installing vehicle wraps.

You can search your area for these professionals in the yellow pages or online. Speak with food truck builders in your area to get referrals for the companies they use to wrap the trucks they produce. One such company that’s started specializing in food truck wrapping is Custom Vehicle Wraps.

Design: The most important aspect of your truck wrap installation is its overall design, including your logo; it portrays your brand in the eyes of your audience. The old adage “you get what you pay for” still holds when it comes to vehicle wraps. Avoid a company that offers to “throw in the design for free.” Before contracting any company, ask to see a portfolio of other food truck designs the company has done. Also make sure the company you contract provides you with a custom design.

Dirty BirdMaterials: Using poor materials can cause you to waste a lot of money. Ensure that a company uses a good-quality material, including a film laminate on top of your graphic project, in order to protect your investment. Also look for companies that offer you a warranty on their work.

Their wrap is so important, it is their most effective advertising as it is essentially a mobile billboard. With a wrap they can pick a location/target market and advertise by simply driving/parking in the area.