Wicked Cool Business Cards

The business world of today is saturated and competitive. These days it is more important than ever to stand out in a unique way with your branding that makes you memorable and instantaneously identifiable. Why not spend the extra effort in designing and the bump in price for an insanely different business card that will imprint your brand on a potential customer’s brain for weeks to come. Elite Signs & Graphics can help you stand out from the crowd. We will help your design come to life by combining the talents of our design team with our endless suppliers and material resources. Below are some examples of cards that definitely make an immediate impact and successfully convey brand identity. Use these to spark your creativity and contact us today to make your idea a reality.

Translucent Creations Allow Customers to “See You”!

Bloody cool! Get creative with translucent plastic stock!


Use your creativity to play off the translucent feel! Think LOGO FLOAT!

Utilizing Shapes Relevant to Your Brand!

Cutting, for an additional cost, can be a unique way of imprinting your brand. Layering your branding is crucial tothe overall design and using shapes can accommodate this depth.


The shape of your card can accent your logo and provide solidification.


The card shape can also reflect your product line!


Interactivity with 3-D Business Cards!

Let your customers have fun when you put your image or logo in their hands. Use 3-D designs that provide interactivity and reflect your business motif. Ideas like pop-up books and raised lettering can add a nice touch.


Next time they pick up a phone chances are higher they are calling YOU!


Raise Up! Greet your customer in person later with a pop-up style image of yourself!


Alternative Mediums Accent the Tactile and Sensory Reactions of Clients!

Being creative means stepping out of the box. It can also mean literally using a BOX! With the popularity of printing on alternative media on the rise you should consider utilizing materials like wood, rubber, and cloth to print on.


Want some one to remember your product? Make your card out of it!


Cloth adds a certain level of sensitivity and “hominess”


Letting Your Interactions Interact with Customers!

In addition to printing on other mediums you can make your cards into products that people use on a daily basis. The most typical thing to do here is make refrigerator magnets. Use your creativity to set yourself apart. We have seen packets of seeds, clothespins, key chains, and even jewelry!


Interactivity: Use it and abuse it! Become relevant by becoming “useful!”


Have you come up with any creative business card designs? If so, SEND US YOUR IMAGE and we will feature your business on our Twitter and Facebook pages for all of our clients to see! Share your stories or ideas below by commenting!