What “Flat Rate” Really Means

Have you been searching for pricing for vehicle wraps online only to find yourself frustrated? You can scour the Internet for hours only to unearth ambiguous price ranges, a devious “contact us for a quote” button, or even no pricing plans at all!! This can be maddening to business owners looking to compare pricing for vehicle wraps and guarantee themselves the best value. Despite your irritations, online pricing quotes are more common than not—but there is a good explanation for this and we intend to share that with you today…


The Challenges of Accurate Estimates

The fact of the matter is that all sign shops and graphic depots, especially locally-owned small-business retailers, deal with the same things that electricians, tree-cutting services, and even doctors deal with when it comes to estimating the cost of services. It’s challenging to offer “precise” pricing until the contractor evaluates the scope of the project.


For example, if a groundskeeper or landscaping service offered the same flat rate to all its customers for lawn maintenance, it would be impossible for the company to make money. Sure they would make money on small jobs, but the fact of the matter is that people would take advantage of them. Apartment complexes, businesses, etc. seeking a low cost would seek out the flat rate and surely at that point the company would be losing money instead of making it. The same is true for other contractors. How can a chef know how many people to cook for at a wedding without visiting with the clients? How can a computer repair professional offer a flat fee to fix your “Blue screen of death” for every single customer without knowing how complex the issue is or how much doctoring will be necessary to get your computer back to A+ status?

The same is true for vehicle wraps. However, there still remain companies that offer flat rates for wrapping services. Are you getting what you are really intending to pay for or not? We put our money on the latter…


Vehicle Wrap Pricing Ranges

The best sign companies will offer a range of pricing such as “$1299 to $3799 and up” depending on vehicle model and alterations such as spoilers. The vehicle design templates used by our in-house graphic designers do not account for vehicle modifications and there is no way for any sign company to determine the cost to wrap these elements until they see the vehicle in question—usually via photos or an onsite inspection.

In addition, it all depends on how much of the vehicle you want wrapped. There are partial wraps, full body wraps, and combo packages. In the end, the pricing for vehicle wraps hangs inevitably on the client’s desires and budget. Many sign companies offer estimates to make pricing flexible offering those with lower budgets different options to make utilizing a vehicle wrap a reality for everyone. Also, let’s say a local furniture store wants to wrap their entire fleet of transport trucks. Well, simply put, the “more that are wrapped, the less they are cash-strapped!”

Tips to Consider

Before you’re enticed by cheap, flat rate vehicle wrap pricing, consider these factors:

1.) Does the company’s graphic design team cultivate sincerely distinctive concepts that will make your automotive fleet stand out among the crowd?

2.) Does the sign company have access to a huge inventory of vinyl wrap films in both type and colors to ensure needed film is in stock?

3.) Is the sign company operating first-class, long-lasting adhesive wrap film from manufacturers like 3M and Avery? The fact of the matter is that crappy materials often have substandard results.

4.) Will the sign company agree to keep you well informed of each level of the undertaking from conception to completion?

5.) If wrapping a fleet, does the sign company have a clear time management plan to ensure your vehicles are wrapped in a way to keep your fleet up and running without delay?

6.) Does the sign company utilize quality wide-format printers specifically designed for the industry—or do they outsource the printing and to whom?

7.) Does the company have a facility they are proud to show you around or do they hide work areas from clients? Are they consistently working in a store that just “feels” busy?

8.) Can they offer a photo gallery online of prior projects?


Elite Signs & Graphics offers everyone a complete initial consultation with all buyers before the job commences and a quote is offered based on the end result. You will pay what we quote—end of story. The best part is that we never hide fees. We also guarantee our vehicle wraps.

Still, like anything else in life, there are those who seek vehicle wraps pricing hoping to find that low, low Wal-Mart price. Use grandma’s logic on this one folks: “If it sounds too good to be true sweetie, it’s probably just that.”

Instead of seeking the lowest vehicle wraps pricing you can find on the Internet, seek out companies that know it’s impossible to offer one-price for all their wraps. The best people to do business with are the ones who run and operate successful businesses.