Top 6- Sign Mistakes To Avoid (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Sign Mistakes To Avoid, we stated that you should avoid presenting signs that are out-of-date, have improper wording and are poorly maintained. In Part 2 of Sign Mistakes To Avoid for your business, we cover the following:

4) Signs That Are Not Being Used To Their Full Potential: Okay, we all have witnessed these types of signs, where you cannot tell whether, the business is open or shut down because the message marquees on the sign are blank. These types of signs are a huge liability to any business, because they are not effective in advertising the weekly/daily/monthly specials or sales that are used to draw-in customers, therefore potential business is being lost, especially if your customer perceives that your establishment has closed down. Please avoid the following:


5) Signs That Need To Be Replaced- Old, Worn and Torn: No sign last forever, eventually, signs become old, worn and torn, which need to be replaced. Therefore, if you leave any sign up that is ruined, than, your potential customers perceive that your business does not care and may be in a bad financial position. By updating and replacing, your signs, you are presenting to your potential customer that your business cares. Please avoid the following:



6) Signs That Need Installation Attention: Strong winds can cause signs to become undone from the way they were initially installed, therefore, if this occurs, be sure to contact a sign company, to adjust or re-install the sign for you. Please avoid the following:


Remember, potential customers want to have confidence in your company, therefore, give your customers that sense of confidence, by presenting amazing signs like the following that were completed by Elite Signs & Graphics of Orlando -Winter Park, Fl:


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