Top 6- Sign Mistakes To Avoid (Part 1)

The purpose of signs are to provide information, give direction(s) and promote businesses. Signs that are well-designed, installed and in good condition are an asset. If your signs are not well-designed nor in good condition, than, the messages these types of signs are sending out could be detrimental to your businesses image. Remember: first impressions are lasting impressions, so, keep in mind to avoid the following sign mistakes that businesses often make, when presenting their signs to the public.

Top 6 Sign Mistakes To Avoid:

1) Signs With Improper Wording One of the major effects to posting signs is to draw people in and get them to buy your product or service. If you use improper wording on your signs, as shown in the example that follows, it most definitely will deter customers from your business.

NYC Sign

*Tip*: Never Use The Word Probably, as exemplified in the image above, as this can lead customers to think and feel the need to go comparison shopping around the city/town, instead of shopping directly with you. Your wording on a sign, must give your customer a sense of confidence in your business.

2)   The Tragedy of Outdated Signs, Yikes!: Presenting, a sign that is out-of-date, can signify to potential customers that your company does not pay enough attention to detail and may lack organization in management.

If 5+ weeks have gone-by, after the Christmas holidays, than, it definitely is time to take down your holiday sign.The following image depicts a sign that communicates to potential customers that the company packs  and ships merchandise, but, it also indicates that the banner was from the Christmas season and it is now, Spring season; does the company still offer pack and ship? It is best to avoid these types of concerns, by replacing the outdated sign with an updated one.



3) Signs That Are Poorly Maintained – A sign is not meant to be a set it and forget it part of your company. Signs need occasional repairs, therefore, when signs are damaged, they should be fixed, promptly. By presenting customers with a sign that is in good condition, you are revealing that quality is a major part of your business. The following image shows an example of a poorly maintained sign:


Potential customers want to know if your business is legitimate and that the owner’s are organized and professional. Always remember your signs are the first impression of your business that your customer will see at your establishment, therefore, be sure that your sign is working for you and not against you.


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