Storefront Window Signs: Window Stickers vs. Window Decals

As a storefront business owner, your options in advertising are vast. One main type of advertising to consider for your storefront is window signs. The two types of window signs, we would like to address are window stickers and window decals. Knowing the difference between a window sticker and a window decal makes all the difference when inquiring about window signs. Please note, the terms, window stickers and window decals, are never interchangeable and here is why:

Window Stickers vs. Window Decals

  • Window Stickers: Window stickers are exactly as they sound, stickers. The material they are made from allows for them to have a one time use only. Window Stickers are not able to be repositioned, after they are applied. The largest mistake business owners make when considering window signs is thinking that they need, window stickers.


  • Most Storefront Business owner’s interests are not for the need of window stickers, rather, their need is for Window Decals: Unlike window stickers, window decals are semi-permanent. During installation, the adhesive that window decals are made from allows for repositioning, at that moment. After a window decal has been applied to a window for some time, it will become steadfast to the window and will be difficult to reposition. Window decals are flexible for use, as they can be created to adhere to the inside of a window for in-store or outside presentation or the window decal can be created to adhere to the outside of the storefront’s window.

The following photos are some examples of storefront window decals that we created and installed:




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