Storefront Window Signs: Inside Glass or Outside Glass?

There are many decisions to make, when it comes to storefront window signs. In our previous post, we described the difference between window stickers vs. window decals for storefront window signs. We highlighted that the preferred window sign used for storefront windows are window decals. Window decals are popular for being placed either inside glass or outside glass of storefront windows. The choice of whether to place your storefront window decals, inside glass or outside glass is mainly up to the store owner’s preference and here is why?

Inside Glass: Inside glass a.k.a. second surface is defined as window decals that are installed on the interior side of a storefront window. The window decal for this type of installation is reverse printed on the adhesive side, so that when installed, it faces toward the outside of the store, so that the sign can be viewed by potential customers passing by. This type of window decal is popular for store owners, who feel they want to protect their window decal signage from outside elements. We’d like to point out though, that window decals are printed with fade-resistant inks on material that is weather-proof, therefore, there is no need to worry about your storefront sign being exposed to sunlight or outside elements. On the contrary, window decals placed inside glass, might be a better option if you feel your storefront might be vandalized, at any time. We, Elite Signs & Graphics, give the option of installing window decals, inside glass in order to ensure the customer feels comfortable with their storefront signs.



Outside Glass: Outside glass is defined as window decals installed on the exterior side of a storefront window, where the window decal is printed, so that the adhesive side is on the backside of the printed, window decal. One of the main reasons that some storefront owners choose window decals that are installed on the outside glass is that sometimes the storefront inside glass could be tinted, therefore, the window tint that was installed on the inside glass would affect the visibility of the window decal if it were installed on the inside glass, therefore, some store owners decide to go with installing their window decals, outside glass in order to avoid such an issue.


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