SIGNS! The 8 Important Questions to Ask Yourself…

When deciding how to effectively design a sign or banner a number of questions can be asked to assure that the best possible sign or banner evolves from concept to finish. Many people tend to feel that deciding a background color and sending a logo to the printing company are all they need to do in order to make there signage appealing. As the owner of your small business or start-up you should play an integral role in the branding of your establishment or company. Elite Signs & Graphics of Winter Park, FL wanted to help our Orlando partners succeed by giving them a list of questions to ask themselves while considering a sign or banner design.


This question deals mainly with the “appearance” of the sign. The look of the sign should accomplish the mission of your business. That may include the color scheme, fonts to be used, sign shape, overall design and appeal, and content. Good signs begin with good design. Good design means that your message and intent is clear, concise, and clearly visible to your target audience. Do not be discouraged if you are not blessed with natural, artistic talent! The staff here at Elite Signs and Graphics is here to ensure that your vision is best revealed with the signage we produce!

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The material that you use for your signs or banners is crucial. The location of your signs will determine the material you want to use. Outdoor and indoor signs are composed of different materials and the life your sign will “live” depends on a careful selection of material. Common materials for indoor signs include paper (gloss or matte), banner vinyl, window cling (which can be perforated), PVC plastic,  and various types of stickers. Outdoor signs may utilize foam PVC, high density urethane foam, acrylic, polycarbonate, chloroplast, various metals or wood. It is critical that you inform your printer or designer of your intended location for your sign so the best material can be used to lengthen it’s life and make it worth your investment.


Logos and branding are a very important element to all signs. Customers want to know the intentions of signage and banners and including artwork that is relative to your business is key. The situation that most businesses struggle with is how to provide art to your printer or designer. Preferred file formats are suggested because they save the designer time…and ultimately YOU MONEY. The preferred file formats at Elite Signs and Graphics are: high-resolution .AI, .EPS, .TIF, or .JPG. It is nice to have all files in .EPS format with all fonts converted to lines or curves so resizing of the artwork is smooth and flawless. Any colors used in the image must be specified as either spot (Pantone/PMS) or by a CMYK breakdown, based on the job requirements. Any image scanned into an image-editing application (i.e. Adobe Photoshop) must have a minimum resolution of 600 dpi at 100% of the requested size. Files supplied for four color process reproduction (CMYK) must be a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% of the requested size and must be submitted in a CMYK format. We make these recommendations so your company’s artwork displays clear and crisp, free of “pixelization” and other negative effects that may make your signs look cheap. If you struggle with these art requirements feel free to contact Elite Signs & Graphics to discuss your options as our design team is spectacular.


Defining a specific target audience allows a business to make the most of the money they spend on signage. Effective targeting paired with the right message can help small businesses compete with even the largest companies. General messages to the general public can often be overlooked because they have no specific goal. To define your audience, spend time studying your current customer base and researching your competition. Discover what strategies have worked for businesses in a similar vein. Speak to your audience by clearly stating why that particular target group would love your product or service. Engaging and appealing messages are key and should be considered when deciding how to get your message across with the use of banners or signs.


The amount of information you can successfully use on a sign depends on the distance of the viewer and whether the viewer is moving or standing still. You must determine from how far you want your viewers to clearly see your sign. It’s important to remember that unless your brand is fully established and recognizable, for the most part PEOPLE DON’T READ SIGNS! They read the lettering that composes the message on the sign. Lettering size and distance are important considerations. Several cities and townships have ordinances that limit the size of outdoor signs and removal of signs can be costly, so look into that before you decide what size to use. Also, be sure to acquire all necessary permits for outdoor signs from your local government entity.

Chart Provided Courtesy of Sign Tech International


Decide in conjunction with the team at Elite Signs & Graphics what budget you are working with early enough to make important decisions regarding your signs. Budgeting effects the material and complexity of your sign, the time dedicated to design and appearance, and more. It is important, especially for start-ups, to consider the cost of signage into their initial business plans. While avoiding the inexpensive look, Elite Signs and Graphics will work with your business to find a budget-conscious, affordable solution to suit your advertising or branding needs.


Sometimes one sign just won’t cut it. You may need additional opportunities for potential customers to locate your facility or company, stay notified of specials or discounts, or even something as simple as letting the locals know you are hiring! Your company may need temporary signage while construction is underway. Look at your business from all angles and determine the number of signs you need to effectively engage with the public. Additional elements can be added to your sign later as well. Lighting, finish, and weatherproofing can be added to sustain the life of your signs or illuminate them during night hours. READ OUR BLOG POST ON LIGHTING BY CLICKING HERE! Bring your business layout to Elite Signs and Graphics and let our talented team help you decide how to maximize your company’s marketing potential.


Referrals are the key to great business. If you are happy with the job that Elite Signs & Graphics has done for you then we want you to recommend us. Doing so will lead to bigger savings for you! Stay interactive and be sure to recommend your sign design team on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Writing reviews on Google or Yelp! are excellent ways to let your clients and business partners know what has worked for you and leads to a positive interaction within the community! Be sure to ask the staff at Elite Signs how you can help them as well when you become one of our hundreds of satisfied customers!