Should I Get my Car Wrapped or Painted?

This question is frequently asked as many customers try to understand the best choice for their expense. The only way to determine which method will be the best decision for you is to compare the pros and cons between getting your car wrapped or painted.

Jumping right in, if you’d like to change the exterior appearance of your car, such as its color, the first thing to consider is the value you will be getting for your expense towards a wrap vs. a paint job. One thing to note is that painting your car by getting it resprayed could be the cheapest method- dollar wise, but, your money may be going towards a low quality paint job, which could result into more expenses because a low quality paint job will only last about a couple of years.(2)

On the other hand, a top quality vehicle wrap, which could on estimate cost around the same amount as a basic paint job, would be a better choice in this situation of just changing the color of your car because a wrap would allow for further changes later on down the line, that are non-permanent. A wrap can be installed and removed from the vehicle without damaging your original paint job. Plus, if you choose to get a car wrap, it can be customized based on the design you plan without any extreme costs, as a custom designed paint job would with features like graphics or lettering.(1)

Also, consider with getting your car painted, that you determine you would like to sell your car in the future and the paint job you applied to the car before selling it, is not of the potential buyers taste, than such an issue could hinder your sale. If this same issue were to arise and you happened to have the car wrapped in your customized design, than, the wrap could be removed to showcase your original factory paint job. Please note: the vehicle wrap an be used as a car paint protectant, as well, benefiting the value of your vehicle by preserving the original factory paint.(2)

Below are some example car wraps we completed:







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