Remember to Illuminate Your Signs!!

24-hours a day your custom signs are advertising for your business. They provide essential branding identity for your business. Lighting is very important for most signs and needs to be considered prior to ordering and choosing color schemes. It allows your sign to be visible and readable both day and night and in various types of weather. When a sign is illuminated, drivers can read it more quickly. Even when your business is closed, that constant reminder helps imprint the memory of your business.


Royal Bay uses a successful lighting scheme on their Elite installed signage.


There are several ways to illuminate signage. Illumination can be provided by lamps mounted outside it and oriented to shine on the sign’s face. Another way is by internally lighting the sign so that they shine your logo and business name to all passerby. Elements such as exposed bulbs, LEDs, or neon-style tubing are also used commonly to bring attention to sign content. Rapidly developing technology is creating a virtually unlimited variety of possibilities, many of which are very economical to install and maintain, as well as being energy-efficient.

When you select the color scheme for your business, you should consider your sign’s illumination options at the same time, because the illumination you choose can have an effect on the sign’s appearance. Your business’s colors are important. That consistency of your brand is necessary. You should be careful to choose an illumination source with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) rating. Many businesses want their sign’s colors to match their print and other media advertising exactly. Some forms of illumination are much better than others at accurately displaying color and it is an important consideration.

A properly lighted sign should be bright enough that it can compete with other signs in the area without being annoying. Many cities are beginning to impose limits on brightness, so before designing a sign you should check to see what those limits might be to determine whether your sign will be visible at night.

For consultation or pricing quotes on design, installation, and illumination of your signs please contact Elite Signs & Graphics at 407-898-0111.

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