Questions to Ask Before Getting A Vehicle Wrap

Before getting your vehicle wrapped, it is always vital to ask these types of questions to ensure yourself that you understand the vehicle wrap effects of before and after installation:

‌• What is the difference between a partial and full wrap? A partial wrap is the coverage amount of the vehicle wrap on your car measured as either, 1/2 or 1/4, while, a full wrap is considered the whole vehicle, vinyl wrapped.(2)

‌• Can an unpainted or primed vehicle and its body components be wrapped? Absolutely not. A primed and unpainted vehicle or body kit’s surface texture does not allow for proper adhesion of air egress vinyls, and makes the wrap prone to failure & lifting. We know it is a fad to get a vehicle wrap, instead of a paint job, but, in this case, you will have to get a paint job, first to ensure proper installation of the vehicle wrap.(1)

‌• Will the vehicle wrap hurt my original vehicle paint job? There is a chance that the wrap could cause damage to the original vehicle paint job, if the wrap was either installed or uninstalled improperly. Typically, a cars original paint job will not be hindered by a vehicle wrap, if the installation was completed precisely.

‌• Can a vehicle wrap be removed? The answer is yes, this requires a professional installer to undertake in the process of uninstalling the vehicle vinyl wrap. Never attempt to uninstall your vehicle wrap unless you have professional experience yourself as you can damage your original vehicle paint.

‌• Will the vehicle wrap fade, after, a while? At Elite Signs and Graphics, we laminate each of our prints, so, your vehicle wrap is protected from the damaging effects of UV Rays. Please note that some inks and materials will last longer than others. Your wrap installer would be able to explain the inks and materials warranty and life span of their supplies, so be sure to check with them.

‌• How do I care for my car wrap? You can take care of your car wrap by washing your car regularly with a follow up of either a wax or glaze finish. Your wrap installer might carry certain wrap protentants to care for your car wrap, so be sure to check with them, to ensure the best method for your vehicle wrap.(3)

‌• What if my company information on my vehicle wrap needs changed, can that part of the vehicle wrap be updated? Yes, yes, yes! Any part of the vehicle wrap can be changed, reprinted and re-installed as overlays on the car wrap without looking out of place.

US Aluminum Vehicle Car Full Wrap 3 - Edited

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