Promoting Your Memorial Day Sales

Go all out for Memorial Day and wrap your car American-Style!


     Memorial Day is just around the corner and we know what that means! For many of us it entails a BBQ, hot dogs, and fireworks. For others it is a chance for us to honor those who have served our country at parades or parties. For business managers and associates, it often means ramping up for huge Memorial Day events that utilize sales and special bargains to increase revenue.

     Part of the challenge of these events is drawing customers away from scheduled activities to participate in your brand’s events. Utilizing signage or banners is an excellent way to establish awareness about your sale. Patriotic banners quickly attract attention around holidays such as Memorial Day or Veterans Day. Combining your branding with these national iconic symbols can identify with former military service members and the families of those currently serving. Direct mail is an option for any special event and printing those flyers can be a daunting, time-consuming task. The design team at Elite Signs & Graphics is accustomed to meeting crucial deadlines and can assist you with your designs prior to you submitting them to printing and distribution.

Here are a just a few ideas on how you can utilize printing to accent this holiday and give it a special meaning to you, your customers, or someone you feel deserves it.

Signs for Your Memorial Day Events

If you are throwing an outdoor party, organizing a community Memorial Day event, or promoting a new product these stand-up sidewalk signs can be the perfect medium for advertising temporary business hours, directions, or specials.


Photo Credit: SJL-FX


Personalized Greeting Cards for the Troops

     Spending some time with your family writing personalized cards and sending them to the troops is an excellent way to communicate your appreciation for military sacrifice. There are careful specifications that you need to follow before sending these cards off to an approved organization to forward them on for you. Websites that provide this information are Cards for Soldiers,, and A Million Thanks.


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Banners Honoring Soldiers & Sailors

     Banners can adorn your business or residence sending a special “Shoutout!” to all of those who have served and are currently serving in missions abroad. Nothing says salute like a banner. Elite Signs & Graphics has a special running on banners in the month of May. Visit our Twitter page to take advantage and send your special message of thanks for all to see.


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     So set your creative gears into fast-forward this holiday and think of more ideas. Share your Memorial Day plans, festivities, or business successes on our Facebook or Twitter page. We’ve got loads of party ideas on our page as well! Got a Shout-Out for a service member from the area? Let Elite Signs and Graphics send your message to all of our customers! Connect with us on Facebook and we’ll be sure to send your message out this holiday! Don’t forget the sunscreen on Sunday…and don’t forget to call us for any Memorial Day printing needs!