Preparing Last Minute for Black Friday?

If you own a retail store, chances are high that you are preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year – Black Friday. Yes, it really is a day to anticipate. You may have already planned your store hours for that day, ordered all the surplus of stock, and scheduled the extra employees to help get you through the day. People may be in line for hours waiting for your store to open just to be the first ones to get their hands on the best on-sale products that you offer. This is the time that you need to ask yourself if your customers already know what they’re in for once they enter your store on Black Friday. If not, then it’s time to get your mindset focused on direct advertising! It’s also time to call Orlando’s finest printer for some much needed banner printing. It’s time to design your Black Friday banners and our staff can help in the crunch. Don’t let the time constraint stop you from calling Elite Signs & Graphics today!!

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Even if you know shoppers will be coming to your store in droves, you still have to take the time in making those Black Friday banners enticing and effective. Competition is still tough since it’s not only your shop that’s going to have a major sale but others in the Orlando community as well. You need to advertise effectively through your banners. And to make effective banners, you need to design them smartly. Below are  a few quick tips on how to accomplish this!

1.) Decide what your key selling point will be and design your banner around it. The key selling point is that thing that will drive people to your shop rather than to your competitors. If you’re giving up to 70% discount on Black Friday, make that the focus of your banner design.

2.) Always include the “BLACK FRIDAY” text on your banner including the specific dates when you’ll be having the sale. Not all Black Friday sales end that Friday! Remember, you’re informing people why your sale is important and exclusive. It’s always better to give them the what, when, and where so no new questions are asked upon arrival and they can start filling up their shopping carts.

3.) Make the banner copy is short, sweet and to the point. You don’t want a whole paragraph in your banner or else texts will look smaller and the design will look cramped. Besides, people will not take the time to read everything you put in there. They want to shop. They probably have a whole list of places they want to visit on Black Friday so the more direct your copy is, the better.

4.) Use attractive colors and images but don’t get too busy with it. You want an enticing but simple design, one that has a great balance of space, texts, and images. Our designers are very skilled in making effective and appealing designs so utilize the resources we have here and the ones you scrape up on your own accord.

5.) Avoid the clichés. Although you can use “black” as one of the main colors as people will easily associate it with Black Friday, you want to make the most out of your printer’s resources. You’ll be paying for the banner printing service anyway so make it a wise investment. Include your logo and remember that branding is always essential. Use holiday theme colors when appropriate and be careful not to offend the masses with your personal preferences.

6.) Work with professionals like the ones on staff at Elite Signs & Graphics in Winter Park, FL – those who are skilled and experienced in banner printing services. Most printers have graphic designers and artists so you can talk to them regarding your ideas. Let them know about your budget and deadline too.

7.) Call today and place your order now to avoid delays. Having your Black Friday banners done on time will give you time to make the necessary changes and corrections if there would be any. We work expeditiously so you’ll have the time to quickly approve the proofs and get the printing process started.

Getting a huge chunk of the profits on Black Friday is about being one step ahead of your competitors. CONTACT US today to get the mistletoe rolling…