Increasing Your Visibility Within Your Budget

Providing our customers with marketing and advertising strategies is part of what we do everyday for our customers at Elite Signs & Graphics. We provide monthly blog posts on how to advertise using various large format printing techniques and in the end, we are happy to report, we help them gain customers and increase their revenue. We want to take a moment this new year to emphasize why vinyl wraps and vehicle graphics should be in your advertising budget. For our start-ups and those of you considering moving forward with your business plans or expansions, we also wanted to offer some advice from industry experts on how to set an effective advertising budget.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is a member-based organization where business owners can find all sorts of free resources on starting, managing and advertising a business. An excellent article on the NFIB site not only lists the most popular methods to set an advertising budget, it also offers the pros and cons of each method. Look around on the site and become a sponge…soak it up!! Also, we have found a great resource for business-related spreadsheets and documents from on ways to set up an advertising budget and all forms are downloadable for you to use!



We are confident that vehicle wraps are a tremendous advertising benefit and wanted to share some statistics with you to back up our beliefs:

Vinyl Wraps Are Affordable

Have you heard of a “fixed percentage of sales” when it comes to your business marketing strategy? With this technique, you simply determine total gross sales and then allocate a percentage of that number and dedicate it to advertising. Even small business owners can allocate two to five percent of their budget on advertising and it is highly recommended that companies do this to remain competitive. If you’re NOT doing it, rest assured that your competitors ARE doing it!

Let’s take an example. Say your company has an annual gross income of $500,000. Using the method above that means that your business should be spending $10,000 – $25,000 on advertising. Now…let’s think about those numbers for a moment. A small business can afford vinyl wrap advertising—there are both partial and full vehicle wraps and Elite Signs and Graphics can work with your budget to help your company vehicles get noticed and turn them into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements. Think of it like your business is getting it’s first tattoo and you can gradually begin to complete the canvas!

Our vehicle graphics start at $500, partial vinyl wraps start at $1,000 and full vehicle vinyl wraps start at $1,800. Of course there are certain variables based on the vehicle at hand but if you compare utilizing vehicle graphics and wraps to other advertising methods, you’ll quickly see how much more you’ll get for your advertising dollar. All of our wraps are custom and tailored to your budget. You come to us with what you can spend and we make you more visible. It’s really that easy!

Vehicle Graphics Work

It doesn’t matter if you have just one single vehicle or a battalion of highway-bound buses or trucks…VEHICLE GRAPHICS WORK. It’s even recommended by the NFIB. We simply can’t agree with all of the so-called “marketing experts” saying you can’t truly measure the cost of advertising. You can with vehicle vinyl wraps because there are statistics to back up their affordable cost. Numbers don’t lie:

** 3M, a vinyl film manufacturer, says a company would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to achieve the same effect as one $3,500 vehicle wrap!

** The American Trucking Association reported 91 percent of people surveyed do notice vehicle graphics.

** The Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement states that a single vehicle wrap can gain up to 70,000 visual views in ONLY ONE DAY! 

** Vinyl wraps areevergreenmeaning once placed, your ad campaign to build your brand and drive sales keeps working—not like one-time newspaper or magazine ads.

Make the Switch to Vinyl Wraps Advertising! offers a 100 percent free small business advertising budget template you can download today to start the budgeting process for the new year.

Elite Signs and Graphics cares about your company. We care about the owners of the company. We are about building long-lasting business relationships and growing alongside of you! Our tips are offered wholeheartedly to help you achieve success and we hope that you enjoy visiting our blog and consuming these resources each month!

For many small business owners each year is a “guessing” game on what ad strategy will work. And, many end up overspending by high-pressure ad reps.  Don’t be that entrepreneur in the new year and instead, find out how vinyl vehicle wraps and graphics will turn your business around!