Outdoor Banner Trends for 2013

It’s highly possible that you hardly even notice them as they hang high from every building, marker, and tall object a city will tolerate. Banners are everywhere now. When sizeable numbers of people gather for festivals, concerts, or events, it is a sure shot that you will find a banner plastered somewhere. No matter where you spend your day, banners are one of the most common signage elements that you are going to encounter. Advertising the latest event or reinforcing a brand image, banners have worked for decades and are only gaining momentum. Although you may not put much thought into what those banners are made of the staff at Elite Signs and Graphics sure does. We think that YOU, as a business owner and customer, should know as well. There are several materials that banners are made of and many decisions that you need to make before purchasing one. This article aims to discuss some of the ongoing trends in banner design that we expect to continue through 2013.


 Using fabric, rather than vinyl or even paper for that matter, for an outdoor banner is attractive. Flexibility makes it an option for wrapping around curved and contoured sceneries. Want a unique banner that wraps around corners? Fabric is the answer. These banners are becoming highly popular for use in oth restaurants and retail shops. Backlit translucent fabric banners can add a touch of elegance or mystique so one may want to consider installing some floodlights before purchasing a banner to produce this appealing effect. With many businesses opting for the “better quality work” rather than going to a local sign shop, using fabric will significantly reduce the cost of shipping.


 Lately there has been a trend in graphic design focusing on minimalism. As competition gets fierce for small businesses and corporations the significance of standing out remains critical. The “less is more” philosophy focuses on getting information to the consumer quickly, completely, and accurately. There is a general consensus that filling an entire banner with text is distracting. It contends that it is more legible and will have a greater impact if one designs it simplistically. The fact behind this trend is that the more text that is placed on a banner, the more each word is mitigated. Stick with putting the minimum information on the banner with your contact details such as a web or email address or phone number. Remember to be concise, but do not leave out any vital info, as this can be just as damaging to the value of the banner.


 Many new websites have popped up giving consumers more power to choose precise color palettes that appeal to their business in a seasonal matter. Tying in the trendy colors of the season will inevitably drive new business to your storefronts simply because your design will reside in the current mindset of potential customers. Several businesses forget to coordinate seasons with their graphic design and immediately make their advertisements irrelevant. According to Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director Leatrice “Lee” Eiseman, “Skillfully balanced color palettes that play to a person’s practical side while satisfying their aspirations, hopes and needs for something novel is what will entice a customer to become a consumer.” ColourLovers website features a tool called “Photocopia” that allows users to upload a photo and generate palettes from their own photos! Experiment and remember that relevance is key! Below is a list of colors expected to be popular in Spring of 2013:


It is very important to have a strategy for the year and to plan properly.  Advertising strategies and design implementation are two big factors in a companies’ productivity. Keep your eyes on our blog as the trends unfold in 2013 as we will definitely be keeping you in the loop. Give us a call if you want to start planning today for tomorrow!!