Go Ahead…Avoid Your Local Sign Shop!!

At Elite Signs and Graphics we call Orlando home. We are often surprised to find out that many customers choose to go with nationwide “pump and dump” stores to get their vehicle graphics work rather than choosing one of the local area shops. Why are we surprised? We’ll give you 4 reasons why you should choose the local guy…

1. You Care About Being a Local Celebrity, Not a National Corporate Giant

Who is more familiar with your local area target markets than your local sign and graphics business? Sure when you use a popular search engine like Google to look for “vehicle wraps” or “vehicle graphics” the top 5 spots are typically purchased by nationwide powerhouses that promise “great local service.” The fact of the matter is that when you get a return call from one of their 18 operators you’ll probably feel like you are calling about a power outage or sitting in an auto dealership being hassled by the salesman. Explaining your target audience to our staff will help you decide LOCALLY how to really get the attention you crave from a vinyl wrap. You typically get attention from local stores in a way that national chains simply cannot match.

2. You Prefer Being a Human Over Being a Number in a Database

Every national & local car wrap and sign company worth their salt has a decent looking website, a telephone number and a website fill-in contact us form . Now the question you really should be asking yourself is, “Who is actually going to read that message?” By deciding to go with the local guys you know that your request is not being forwarded three times before it gets to an impersonal inside sales team and that your call is not being fielded and screened by a “qualifying operator.”

Our business philosophy is “stay busy and stay local!” We know how imperative it is to get a swift reaction to your inquiry. If you don’t mind being on hold with people whose hand you will never shake, go head and give that national sign guy a call—we’re sure they’ll contact you soon—on their terms and at their prices!


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3. You Don’t Stand for Shabby Production of Your Finished Order

Many national sign and vehicle wrap providers will quote you a set price just to get the job. They typically offer you their products in bulk at a firm price. Sure it may be lower than your local sign shop but what are you sacrificing? The bottom line is the quality of work. Are you getting clip art that’s not personalized? Are you getting clip art that is copyright protected that could end up getting you sued? Are you getting the cheapest product off the shelf and being overcharged because you’re not there to approve of the material prior to printing?

Oh…and the guarantees! LOL! Don’t listen to what national companies tell you about their guarantees. They have tried and true methods of rejecting those so-called “100 percent satisfaction” guarantees. Local guys need you to be happy or they lose momentum in recommendation in the nearby public. If there’s something you don’t like about the wrap, we will fix it! Your smile is what we seek at the end of the day…not your dollar.

Elite Signs & Graphics quotes you up front and personal. We describe the detail of the procedure and the cost of each procedure. You basically shape your vehicle and remain in the process throughout…which brings us to our next point.

4. You Hate Being the Last Person Picked for the Softball Team

If you are just looking for a vehicle wrap or car wrap advertising and you want it now—pick the national vehicle wrap business. Who cares if you’re not included in the process, right? You’ve given them a direction and they should be able to expertly complete the design and wrap based on that direction—but probably not.

Think about when you hire a contractor to build or install anything, for example, a deck or insulation repair. Once you signed the contract and let them have at it, was the job the way you expected? Or, did you find flaws in that deck? What to do? You signed the contract! Who can you blame if the contractor you hired didn’t involve you in the design and installation process?

At Elite Signs & Graphics we look forward to our interactions with our customers to solidify satisfactory results. Our teamwork-oriented approach involves the customer from start to finish. Even if you’re unsure of the design, we have in-house graphic designers who walk you through the design process and assist in conceptualization if necessary. Approval of proofs is mandatory. We never say, “Just sign here and you’ll love the design.” We focus on customer quality and we do it on a local level. We have loads of business so the people of Orlando are happy and we must be doing something right with our attitude! Feel free to come to our shop and see how busy we are! Of course if you don’t care how the final wraps really look, you might just call that national sign conglomerate.


The point of the matter is that you as an Orlando business community member warrant the service provided by a local, knowledgeable, respected, and professional company. It probably will put your heart at ease to know that we have wrapped 1000’s of vehicles in the area and continue to thrive. Our staff is attentive, not pressing, of your needs and desires. The pricing is competitive among local sign and vehicle wrap companies and give many of these over-glorified national companies a run for their money! The last type of business you want to affiliate with is one that essentially treats you as a prisoner, one held captive by their set of rules, installation procedures and requirements, pricing, design standards, and more!

What type of company do you prefer and why? Let’s get the discussion started on our Facebook page (CLICK HERE). We like to hear both sides of the story so be honest and stop by the store. We’ve got a hand for you to shake!!

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