Employing Vinyl in Interior Design Efforts

Have you ever been inside a tire store and seen branding all over the walls? Even in our store, vinyl is plastered on the wall proudly displaying our company logo and even color option for customers. Identical to vinyl vehicle wrapping, wall wraps are a pronounced way to augment a room. They can be informative for your customers, further your branding efforts at a minimal cost, and even save space. If you have a small showroom or other space that lacks punch consider expressing your branding or a customer message on vinyl or another medium. Wall murals and wraps are an impeccable and high-quality method!

You may be saying to yourself, “Why would I wrap a wall? That just sounds silly.” You may be thinking that the process seems unmanageable and downright messy or painstaking. I mean, you’ve heard about vehicle wraps for sure…but a wall wrap? We here at Elite Signs & Graphics in Orlando, FL like to think there are many reasons why you would want wall, window, floor or stair wraps but basically, we can narrow it down to three great reasons.

ATTENTION GRABBER: Admit it. You notice car wraps. It’s hard not to look at a fresh peach on the side of a fruit delivery vehicle. It’s almost impossible to ignore the “free oil change for life” tagline on a car dealership shuttle van. Well, simply put, people also notice wall wraps. A person’s eyes are almost involuntarily obligated to look at wall wraps and the words and/or images they contain. Have you ever been to a sports stadium gift shop and felt as if you were actually down in the field? This is the same concept behind wrapping a wall. The perks? Vinyl doesn’t fade or tear. Think of the opportunities when it comes to your brand identity. If you choose to wrap windows or a storefront, they will be seen by walkers and drivers stuck in traffic. Come by our Winter Park, Florida store on N. Orlando Ave. near Winter Park Village to see our vinyl effectively displayed in our store windows. A well-designed and fashioned wall wrap helps in branding campaigns and maintaining brand uniformity. As in the movies, visual “effects” are called “effects” for a reason; certainly, they influence the minds of viewers on a consistent basis each time they are seen.

WORKSPACE ENHANCEMENT: Did you know that the Ferrari automobile company in Italy planted trees in the middle of their factory to enrich the working environment for their employees? Most of us, however, are not so lucky. You can spend the time yourself patching, plastering, and painting old walls, or you can call us and have us design a quality wrap for them. Although a common goal of wall, window or floor wraps is branding, we often are involved in wraps where business owners find it’s simply cheaper to create a digitally pleasing wall wrap instead of painting entire offices, lobbies, waiting rooms and even bathrooms. Making more “breathing room” and reducing clutter motivates your employees subconsciously and increases employee job satisfaction and even effectiveness. Using the right color schemes can add an element of enjoyment to an employee’s day while at the same time capturing the attention of customers. Everyone has sat in an office, waiting room or other area with no windows and bland white or beige walls. Sort of makes one feel like they’re awaiting an IRS audit! These areas and rooms are not inviting—but they could be extraordinarily inviting with wall or floor wraps. If a client feels “invited” and “excited” about visiting your offices, that’s a form of customer satisfaction that goes above and beyond. We all know how important that is in today’s economy, especially with so many choices for savvy consumers.

MAXIMIZING SPACE:  Most businesses display products in their showrooms or lobbies. When these areas lack the abundant space of a larger shop, fashioning a wall wrap that clearly and boldly spells out your services and products gives you options to basically redesign your store’s interior! You can ditch the bulky sign stands and other similar products replacing them with a permanent graphic of your products. These stunning wraps can be easily cleaned and maintain visual integrity for years. In fact, even conference rooms and offices that are lacking in room area will benefit from walls full of logos, products and slogans—even patterns intertwined with your company’s brand. Just take a look at the pictures below. Imagine this room filled with cheap metal sign stands or bulky banners hanging everywhere! Can you see how the eliminated clutter effectively brands this particular client?

                                                                                                    Photo: South Jersey SpeedPro

Just like car wraps, each wall wrap is designed in house by our expert design team. They are cut and printed on heavy-duty adhesive vinyl or a high-grade textured vinyl. The only thing that limits what can be printed on a vinyl interior wrap is one’s imagination. Our in-house graphic designers work with you in a detailed, goal-oriented fashion so you can craft a perfectly designed wall wrap that will augment room interiors. Any picture, design or pattern can be digitally printed on the wraps and we don’t just stop at walls. You can also wrap stairs, floors and even windows such as an entire storefront. Exposure to sunlight has a minimal effect on the vinyl depending on the quality you choose, but our sales team works with you diligently to give you value and longevity from your purchases. If you decide to change the office later it’s not a problem at all. Both car graphics and interior wraps are 100% removable.  Feel free to visit our gallery for more examples of wall and interior wraps that have brought local Orlando businesses advertising and branding success for years.

Think about it…would you prefer a cafeteria full of white walls that appear stained from age or a restaurant full of interesting and engaging wall murals that scream what their food is all about? If your business requires people to wait for a service such as an auto repair shop, wouldn’t floor wraps full of everything about your company achieve the message you want to convey? What about a business dedicated to children—a pediatrician’s office for example? Wouldn’t the waiting room be more engaging if wall wraps full of toys and playground scenes assisted in keeping children calm and eliminating fear? Think of a toy store that sells playhouses and swing sets that require assembly to see the entire effect? If wall wraps full of already assembled products were in plain view, it offers a visual view of what the customer can expect. The reality is that no matter what business you are in or whom your target market consists of, these interior wraps are the most effective way to keep you message and brand alive.

So take a moment to seriously ask yourself: Are you ready to wrap your walls, windows or floors? Contact us today at (407)-898-0111 or explore the website for more creative inspiration before using our contact form to get started.