Be Aware of the Long Term Effects of Cheap Vinyl

As with any investment one should be aware of potential risks. One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a vehicle wrap is going with “the cheaper” vinyl and in the long run that can be a devastating choice. Have you just recently signed a contract with someone other than Elite Signs & Graphics to wrap your fleet of vehicles? Are you tired of looking at the worn paint or blinding whiteness of your company vehicle? If so, we wanted to offer you some informative advice on what to look for when cheap product is used and the benefits of choosing vinyl wisely.

You Can’t Get Great Tasting Lemonade from Low Quality Lemons

Most vehicle wraps, especially those at Elite Signs & Graphics, are printed and installed by professional companies that have utilize in-house graphic design teams that can accurately translate your vision to your wrap. Top notch installation teams with local knowledge and know-how are also an essential part of the team. You should be able to ask any person at the shop you visit to explain to you benefits of various types of vinyl. If they can’t…well, simply put, you’re in the wrong place! Above all, the best companies will refer you to various outlets for information and literature to help you make a decision on how to wrap your vehicle. That is one of the purposes of our blog: to keep YOU informed!

We do all of the above at Elite Signs & Graphics because we’re the authority on signage and vehicle wraps in the Orlando, FL market…a market that truly thrives in vehicle wraps! We want to help you avoid cheap vehicle wraps! The cost of a high-quality vehicle wrap is more affordable than you might imagine and offer several benefits! They are completely removable with no damage to the vehicle, they last an exceptionally long time compared to lower cost options, and the images typically have more “pop” when printed on higher quality vinyl.

Signs of a Bad Installation or Defects That May Appear

Budget concerns may cause you to choose a lower cost option for your vehicle. If you choose to go this route, we encourage you to read this first so you are aware of potential problems that can occur with cheap wraps.

Price – If the price seems too good to be true, that should set off an alarm right away! We factor in the size and condition of the vehicle before giving you an accurate estimate of cost. If there is a company out there offering you a ridiculously low price than be wary! Do your research and investigate the average cost in the area by asking questions of people who have had their vehicles wrapped. You can even call our sales team and ask if you may be getting fooled and we’ll be happy to tell you!

Wrinkles and Bubbles – Inspect your vehicle when it is completed and look for both wrinkles and bubbles. Vehicle wraps should be smooth and flat, so if you see bubbles, that’s a bad wrap. What is happening is that the vinyl is essentially not sticking to the car. Installers should verify that the entire wrap is free of all distortions. Once you drive it away from the shop it’s in your hands so be sure to make sure you get the product you paid for right off the bat.

Source: Sunrise Signs
Source: Sunrise Signs

Torn Material and Visible Seams – Companies like 3MAvery or Oracal offer the highest standards for durability. Your wrap should be able to resist contact to a measurable degree. In cheap wraps, over time you will notice tearing and the seams will begin to show as weathering effects the material. Higher quality means that this is less likely to occur. You want to make sure that the vehicle is COMPLETELY covered with no marked gaps between seams. The visibility of seams can also mean poor installation of the wrap so verify that the vehicle underneath cannot be seen at all when approving the wrap.

Colors on Artwork Differ – Edging and trimming is the process of aligning print on the vehicle. Many signs can point to bad work in these areas including off-coloration. With cheaper vinyl the quality of printing can vary from roll to roll so printing color quality is not consistent across the board. If you choose a cheaper vinyl chances are this will be evident on your vehicle. Discoloration can also occur in weather. The more expensive vinyl is more resistant to the effects of weathering. For more detailed information on weathering and vehicle wraps see our post on “The Skinny on Vehicle Wraps for Beginners” by CLICKING HERE. Also of note, verify that all edging is done properly. You don’t want the text looking off from a distance or the outline of a logo not overlapping correctly.

Source: Sunrise Signs


The Skinny

Just remember that if you DO choose the cheapest of vehicle wraps, you will be spending more money in the long run. That’s truly the skinny on things. Down the road you will have to pay for an expensive removal process and potentially have to start from scratch if you decide to change or update your branding.

Because the quality of the vinyl is critical, we feel it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about wrapping vehicles. Call us today or visit our website (CLICK HERE) to get started today. We’ll show you that we know what we’re talking about as we walk you through the process!