Tips on “Imagineering” the Perfect Vinyl Banner

Banners are a prime way to gain attention for a special event or business announcement. Vinyl banners are typically the most affordable, but offer an attractive way to promote your business, products and events. Serving as an alternative to more permanent pieces (like signs or murals) they are considered as the low cost form of outdoor advertising. Vinyl banners are the most popular and effective tool and can reach a wide number of audience. The PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material used in the production of these assets are both safe and can withstand the elements.



Banners are easy to design and can be done with a hired creative team or individually in programs like Adobe Illustrator and then brought to a printer for production. A good rule of thumb when designing a banner is the KISS method: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” You need to decide which information you want to include in your banner design and effectively communicate it so it can be processed by potential clients quickly and powerfully. Good vinyl banners include a good image, a tagline, a company logo and contact details. All of this should be arranged and incorporate elements of your company or organization’s branding.  Banners are not limited to outdoor use. Classrooms, arenas/stadiums, stores, churches, restaurants/bars, and music venues. You can also create banners for personal purposes as well, such as birthday and anniversary parties, festivals and holidays etc.



** Let your message be the focus of the banner and don’t cover it up with a lot of fluff. The text color should work against the selected background color and not conflict. Use a font that is clearly legible from a distance to effectively reach a wider audience.

** Eye popping images can be a huge benefit to your banners! Again, the image you use should reflect the branding of your business or the mood you are trying to elicit from your audience. Ask one of our experts to check the layout and image resolution that would be best for your banner to ensure it doesn’t show up with extreme graininess or blur.

** This may sound like common sense, but decide where you are going to mount it and how you’re going to accomplish it! There’s nothing worse than paying for a highly attractive banner that cannot be used as envisioned. Don’t end up having to hang your banner “wherever it fits” because that is simply unacceptable. Planning for the display of your banner is crucial!

** As a rule, the colors of blue, yellow and green have high visibility on vinyl. Let’s face it…black & white banners are just boring and outdated.
Remember the KISS method. Simple banners are more effective than wordy banners. Place a short mission statement or catchy tagline in your banner to maximize effectiveness. Don’t let people ignore your banner…it’s there begging for attention so design it and conceive it as if that is the job it is intended to do!


Do you have any creative tips you would like to share?

What techniques have you or your design team used in the past that have worked effectively.

Feel free to comment!


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