How to Remove a Vehicle Wrap?

*Warning: If you attempt to remove a vehicle wrap without a professional installers help, you may risk damage to your original vehicle paint.

→ Consult with a professional installer to get your vehicle wrap removed ←

These are the steps your professional installer will take to remove your vehicle wrap:

1) Your professional installer will use a pair of gloves, alcohol, a heat gun and a razor blade as the primary tools for removing the vehicle wrap.

2) The installer will put on their gloves and begin the process of removal by heating the edges of the vehicle vinyl wrap material with a heat gun.

3) The edges from the heat of the heat gun will begin to lift and using their fingers, the installer, will begin to pull the vehicle wrap material away from the vehicle, pulling slowly with applied heat as necessary.

Please note: the razor blade should only be used to  remove the vinyl wrap from the windows of the vehicle. Do not use the razor blade to remove vinyl wrap from the main body of the vehicle, as this will most likely damage your original vehicle paint.

Since, the process of removing a vehicle vinyl wrap can be a bit tedious, the installer may use an assistant to assist them in the removal process, so, that the vehicle wrap is removed safely with patience.

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