How Often You Need To Update Your Branding

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Creating cohesive and engaging branding is essential to growing your business. Branding is the way businesses communicate with consumers; whether that message speaks to what your business is trying to portray (or not) is key. In today’s post we explore how often your branding should be updated to accurately reflect your brand messaging.

What is your branding saying? Begin by taking a moment to evaluate what your brand is saying to consumers. Perhaps your small business offers electrical repairs for homes and businesses. Does your branding – including all store front signage, vehicle wraps, interior/exterior signs, flyers, banners, and signage – reflect your business offerings? One way to do this is to ask customers, family members, and friends what messaging they perceive from your current strategy. What is the key takeaway message they’re hearing? Would they remember your business when your services are needed? Taking the time to listen to your customers can tell you how and when your branding will need to be updated. If the answers you receive are vastly different, contrasting, or confusing, your messaging is sending mixed signals and it’s time to update your branding. Remember, good branding is clear and easy-to-understand.

New products, offerings, and services. A great time to reevaluate your brand strategy is during times of transition for your business. Perhaps you’ve added a new line of services or products to your offerings, maybe you’ve merged with another company or maybe you’re moving down a different path in your industry. During these times of transition, it’s important to take a look at your brand strategy and make necessary adjustments. Very rarely will current branding strategies stay relevant during times of business transition. Be sure your messaging accurately reflects the changes going on in with your business so your customers can grow with you. It’s natural for companies to grow and alter course every few years, be sure to include your customers in the growth by clearly communicating your new path via updated branding.

Logo changes. When you change your company logo or graphics, you need to update your branding. This is one the most important times to keep your branding consistent. It’s essential to communicate to consumers that 1. you’ve changed your logo, 2. why this new changes matters to them, and 3. how consumers will be able to remember, recognize, and continue to trust your company. To achieve all three of these important messages, you need to rebrand completely during logo changes and adjustments. All of your communication – from HR documents to business cards to exterior signage – needs to be rebranded to adjust to the new design. Doing this creates a clear message to consumers and your employees about the new status of your company via the new logo.

Events and trade show materials. A common mistake businesses can fall into is creating one set of signage and materials for events and trade shows year after year after year. Using generic signage for events is better than not having any, sure, but having outdated event materials speaks volumes about the status of your company. If you’ve grown to offer new products and services make sure your event signage reflects that! Create new, eye-catching designs to stand out at events and trade shows. Be creative and innovative in your approach to attract consumers to your booth. Using the latest technology and offerings in signage and displays is one way to do that. Additionally, attending these types of shows is designed to attract new clients, you don’t want to have outdated signage holding you back from securing that new contract.

How to begin your rebrand. Once you’ve determined that your company needs updated branding, it’s time to call in the professionals. At Elite Signs and Graphics our team of dedicated professionals can help you rebrand your business. We specialize in creating updated signage, graphics including vinyl lettering and window decals, exterior and interior signs, banners, and other collateral materials to help your business tell the right story.

We understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go; in fact, our team is comprised of experienced marketers and branding specialists to help you create an updated brand strategy.  Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

Business Sign Cleaning And Maintenance: What You Need To Know

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Maintaining your business signage is one of the most important steps you can take to create positive brand associations. Companies with current and well-maintained designs are seen as trustworthy, reliable, and honest. Companies with poorly maintained signs are not; in fact, poorly maintained signs (i.e. old signage that’s ripping, missing letters, tarnished, or poorly designed) often make customers question the reliability of your company’s products and services. If a company treats their own signs and brands poorly, how will they treat me as a customer? In today’s post we examine how to properly maintain business signage.

Vinyl lettering and Window Decals

It’s important to carefully maintain your vinyl lettering and window decals. As both of these signage options use adhesive, incorrect care like intense scrubbing or power washing can cause damage and cause adhesives to start peeling off. The best way to wash vinyl lettering and window decals is with mild, non-abrasive, non-solvent liquid cleaners. We recommend carefully hand washing any adhesive signs. Be sure to clean the signs at a perpendicular angle, i.e. at a 90-degree angle to the signage, to prevent water from lifting up the seams of the decals.

Vehicle Wraps

Exposure to weather elements is one of the biggest factors in lifespan of signage. Vehicle wraps in particular face significant sun exposure and therefore have specific care instructions to maintain the quality of the signage. We suggest cleaning your wrapped vehicle once a week to keep dirt and pollutants to a minimum. It is safe to take your wrapped vehicle through a car wash, although, like vinyl lettering and decals, we suggest hand washing whenever possible. If you do use machine wash opt for brushless washes as brush bristles may be too harsh for the vinyl film. For difficult to clean spots, like bird droppings, tree sap, or bug splatter, soak the area with warm water for several minutes before cleaning.

We recommend using the following products to wash your vehicle wrap: 3M® Car Wash Soap 39000, or Meguiar’s NXT Generation® Car Wash or Deep Crystal® Car Wash.

Exterior Signage

We advise cleaning your exterior signs once a month to maintain quality and to reduce dirt build up. Start by cleaning the sign from the top to the bottom with a power wash. This step helps loosen dirt and other particles on the signage. Be sure to stand at a least a foot away from the sign and use a nozzle spray with a circular spray setting. It’s best to avoid power washes that are above 200 psi in pressure and below 180 degrees in water temperature. Hand wash reachable exterior signs with a mild liquid detergent and soft sponge. Once the sign has been thoroughly cleaned let it air dry naturally.

Interior Signage
Interior signs include things like trade show wall murals, dimensional lettering, signs, banners, and vinyl decals. Interior signs are less susceptible to dirt and pollutants and are very easy to maintain. We advise carefully spot cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol and water (at a ratio of 2:1) or with Simple Green™ All Purpose Cleaner. Rinse area with cool water afterwards. Be sure to keep air conditioning and heating units from blowing directly on your interior signage. The biggest factor in interior signage damage is sun exposure. Direct sunlight to the interior signage can cause warping and discoloration. Whenever possible use blinds or drapes to cover your signs during times of high sun exposure.

Let us help!

Have more questions? At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, trade show banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

How To Redesign Your Existing Branding

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Understanding how to efficiently redesign your brand can be a challenge. Where do you start? How do you know when it’s time to rebrand? These are questions that many business owners face as their businesses grow and develop. To help you answer these questions, today’s post shares tips on how to rebrand your existing business successfully.

When is it time to redesign your brand?

A good sign it’s time to consider rebranding is during natural course changes in your business. If you’ve recently changed your business name or shifted focus on a new product or service, now is the perfect time to rebrand. Think of the process as an opportunity to clarify your message to your customers. After all, branding is powerful because it explains your business proposition to the world. Your brand is how you sell your products, interact with customers, and differentiate yourself from the competition. If you’ve recently changed a key portion of your business it’s time to rebrand.

Steps to rebrand successfully

Now that you’ve determined it’s an appropriate time to rebrand, let’s discuss the specific steps you can take to make your rebrand successful.

  1.     Take the time to carefully consider what you want to say. Before you dive into branding aspects like logo changes, color palettes, and key messaging, carefully consider what your new brand needs to say and how that is different than your previous branding. Now is the time to access what worked in the past and how you can improve in the future. What key challenges did your previous branding face? How will your new identity clarify these issues? How will your new branding speak to your customers?One way to begin the process of redefining your company voice is to make your message personal. Speak directly to your target consumer and create a brand that was made specifically with them in mind. Doing this helps carve out a direction for your new branding to begin.
  1.     Create clear expectations and a plan to execute. Creative people can often go off into spirals of thought processes – that’s why their work is so unique, imaginative, and groundbreaking, but it can often mean end projects don’t reflect the initial goal. Before unleashing your creative brain on the rebranding, start by firmly routing yourself to your expectations and goals with the project. What do you hope to accomplish? Is this a full rebrand or a minor adjustment in messaging? Starting with a clear plan can help ensure the project successful.
  2.     Your personality and is key. It can be tempting to edit out your personality in your new rebranding, but don’t do it! One of the reasons the world’s best brands are so successful is because they’ve learned how to incorporate personality into the branding. People want to buy from businesses ran by multi-dimensional people with hopes, dreams, fears, etc. Learn to incorporate your personality with branding and you’ll build a deeper relationship with your customers.
  3.     Be consistent: deliver, assess, repeat. Once you’ve determined how your company will rebrand, start creating consistent marketing materials and content that reflects the new voice. The key is consistency. Consumers need to understand your new offerings; so engage with them, create content, assess how well received it was, and repeat! Do this until your new brand is the standard messaging your customers receive.
  4.     Value your brand highly and treat it like gold. Your brand should be gold to you. Your brand image, voice, customer experience, and business need to matter significantly to you, before it will matter to someone else. How you treat your company is how your customers will view it. Take the time to rebrand your business the right way and hire professional help to assist you. At Elite Signs & Graphics, we work with businesses to create effective branding every day. Our team of professionals can help you recreate your marketing materials to reflect your rebrand. We specialize in creating branded items like interior and exterior signage, banners, vehicle wraps, tradeshow premiums, and large-scale event inflatables. Let us help you create a consistent message to your consumers.

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At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

The Importance Of Branding Consistency

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Creating a strong brand involves creating a consistent message to consumers across all touchpoints. Whether a consumer interacts with your brand via your physical store, website, or by seeing your company vehicle, you want to make sure consumers interact with a cohesive brand.

Why is Consistency Important?

Let’s face it, whether you put effort into it or not, your company has a brand. Successful brands spend years cultivating, maintaining, and growing their brand image. They do so because they understand the tie between strong branding and sales. The better you are at communicating your brand to consumers, the more successful your company will be. Consistency and branding go hand in hand. In order to create a strong brand, you must build upon a consistent marketing strategy.

So, why is it important to be consistent in your branding?

  • Brand consistency tells your story. By taking hold of your branding efforts you control what sort of narrative surrounds your brand. How does your company differentiate itself in the marketplace? What makes your company special? Tell your customers, and do it in a clear, concise, cohesive way. Consumers need to know why they should shop with you.
  • Consistency creates a clear call-to-action. By strategically letting customers know what products and services you offer you’re creating a clear call-to-action. For example, look at Nike. Consumers know to expect high quality athletic wear from Nike, this makes it easier for them to recognize how Nike fills a need and therefore make a purchase.


  • Consistency tells consumers what to expect. From customer service to quality of products, strong brands communicate to consumers what to expect from their brand experience. Take a company like McDonald’s, they’re successful because you know that no matter where you order a Big Mac it will taste the same.
  • Consistency builds a relationship with consumers. Today’s world of marketing tools makes connecting with consumers more than just advertising at them it’s designed to build a relationship with them. Tools like social media allow companies to build strong relationships with consumer; companies are now ‘friends’ with consumers instead of being seen primarily as salespeople. Social media feeds allow us to interact with consumers through posts, snaps, and likes just like a friend would.
  • Consistency builds customer loyalty.


How to Create Brand Consistency?

To create a consistent brand consider how your company message and visuals are communicated to consumers. How is your logo being used? Do the colors, fonts, and graphics in your visuals make sense for your brand? To keep this consistent, many companies use brand guidelines to help employees know when and how to effectively represent the brand.

The key is to be cohesive throughout your brand marketing, products, and customer experience. You can say different messages to different consumers at different times, but how you’re communicating it should look and feel like they’re from the same company. For example, seasonal promotions might have specific holiday-related messaging but the way it’s communicated should still look and feel like it’s from the same company.

Take a look at your own company signage, are your marketing materials cohesive? If not, it’s time to create standardized signage and materials. At Elite Signs & Graphics we  specialize in custom signage like flyers, brochures, banners, window decals, vehicle wraps, and interior and exterior displays. No matter what your branding needs are, our team at Elite Signs and Graphics can help.

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At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

Matching Your Storefront To The Interior

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Your storefront is likely the first thing the public and customers will see representing your business. The way it looks and the message it tells can largely affect the first impressions of your business. An attractive, cleverly branded storefront will generate positive associations and guarantee more business traffic in your store.

In fact, a recent post highlighting the work of Urban Planner Bob Gibbs found that it takes customers 8 seconds to walk past the average store front. Once consumers are 2 seconds past the door they will not turn around, which means you have to capture consumer attention in the first four seconds. The study also found that within 2 seconds of entering a store 70% of patrons know whether or not they will buy something.

These facts stress the importance of creating an engaging and harmonious storefront that captures the essence of your business offerings and services. The storefront should be a cohesive representation of your shop interior as well; remember, branding is about telling a strong point of view across all touchpoints with consumers.

Creating Your Customer Experience

In deciding how your storefront aligns with your interior products and services, start by clarifying what message you want to convey to consumers. Your storefront, physical space, signage, and company vehicles tell your story and brand conversation. They also determine the experience your customer has with your business. The more clear your brand message, the better customer experience. Consider factors like use of color, use of graphics, and proper use of signage in your brand story.

For example, a company offering medical devices will want to create a professional and trusting brand story. This image will be reflected in the storefront appearance and signage. Alternately, a store offering kids clothing products will want to utilize very different brand strategies. Both companies will ultimately tell customers a message through their branding; ensuring it’s the right one is up to each company!

Storefront Signage Types

Now, for the fun part: deciding which type of storefront signage works best for your business. There are a variety of options on the market, and our professionals at Elite Signs and Graphics can help you pick the best one for your needs. In choosing signage consider these important factors: available space, budget, and branding goals. Depending on what type of physical space you have for your store can largely determine which storefront sign is best suited. Similarly, having a clear budget and branding goal in mind can make help narrow down workable options. Storefront signage includes the following options:

  • Signs and Lettering: banners, business park signs, stand-alone signage, large cut outs, awnings, and canopies.
  • Dimensional Lettering for Exteriors: quality, raised or recessed exterior signage
  • Electrical Exterior Signs: exterior night signs with light up capabilities
  • Window Decals and Vinyls: full or partial window wraps and vinyl lettering

Benefits of Creating Storefront Signage

In addition to creating an ideal customer experience, storefront signage offers other benefits as well. Notable using storefront signage takes advantage of potential advertising space. Signage like outdoor banners or exterior signs are a great advertising tool and can create hundreds of brand impressions daily. By using window decals or vinyl wraps you can turn your physical store into a large billboard to spread your message. Large window decals can also help deter theft by creating opaque coverings over windows and store entrances.

Storefront signage is also easily changed to match new projects. If you’ve recently gone through a rebrand or want to promote a specific product or service offering, storefront signage can easily be updated to reflect the changes.

Let us help!

At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

Why Branding Really Matters To Businesses Of Every Size

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“Your brand is your voice in the marketplace, and it is your proposition for disruption. It is your opportunity to create something with lasting impact. It is how you tell your story, and it is absolutely key to your success and your survival.” – Amy Cosper, Entrepreneur magazine, editor-in-chief

As Cosper states, branding is the key to a company’s market strategy. It’s the defining attribute that connects a company and its consumer base. Branding is an important consideration for all companies – from new startups to large corporations. The way a company tells its story will largely define its success.

In today’s post, we examine why branding really matters and the significant role it plays in businesses of every size.

How Branding Affects Business

So, what exactly is branding and how can companies be better at it? Branding encompasses the entire representation of a company; from the  design elements (like logo font, colors, brand guide book) to the marketing strategies (medium choices, target audiences, product and service presentation) to the public interface to the market. Branding is the composition of all of these details, and as such is an important step in creating a consistent, cohesive message.

Most companies, regardless of size, consistently juggle numerous metaphorical balls in the air. They’re dealing with product development, financing, customer relations, company growth, and so on. For some of these companies, branding may seem less of a priority than other tasks. However, a strong brand strategy resonates at the core of a business and moves outward.

Companies with a strong branding strategy let branding ripple through every department. Take companies like Disney, Apple, or Nike for example. Each of these companies has a specific brand strategy that successfully creates relationships with consumers. Disney projects the idea of magical experiences throughout every interaction with consumers. Apple connects people with innovative technology and, as such, brands itself as an innovator in tech. Nike tells everyone to “just do it” with a theme that is representative of core company values. Each of these companies take their brand very seriously, as a business owner you should too.

Branding for Different Stages of Company Growth

We’ve established the importance of branding for company success. Following this idea, how a company integrates brand strategies may be very different depending on what stage the company is in.

For example, emerging startup companies have the luxury of starting from a blank slate. These companies can use market research to position value add to customers through a new voice that resonates. Startups have the luxury of defining what makes their company special and building departments in align with these values. The goal being to create successful integration into the market.

Midsize companies often face the issue of creating additional growth. These companies, have (hopefully) already established a brand strategy that is working. The opportunity here is to evaluate current strategies to tweak, pivot, and/or rehaul branding issues that are not as effective as possible.

Larger corporations face the issue of agility. Most bigger companies aren’t as nimble as smaller companies because creating change in larger corporations is usually slow and expensive, and often the stakes are extremely high. The challenge for larger corporations is to make sure branding is telling the right story.

In short: branding efforts matter for all companies, no matter the size. The ability to clearly and consistently communicate your company’s goals, product/service offerings, values, and personality depend on strong branding.

Tools Every Business Can Use to Increase Branding

Regardless of which stage of business your company is in, there are tools that can be used to effectively increase brand awareness, generate more sales, and increase market share. At Elite Signs and Graphics, we offer the necessary products to increase your branding efforts; tools like cleverly designed, high-quality signage for interior and exterior use, marketing collateral like brochures, flyers, business card, advertising efforts like retractable banners, table covers, event tents, and inflatables. No matter what your branding needs are, our team at Elite Signs and Graphics can help.

Let us help!

At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

How To Make Your New Business Stand Out From The Crowd

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Starting a new business is hard work; trust us, we know, we’re a small business ourselves. We opened Elite Signs & Graphics in 2008. From idea conception to serving our first customer to where we are now eight years later, starting and running a business is challenging every step of the way. Yet, it’s some of the most rewarding work you’ll do!

One of the first things to realize in starting a new business is the need to differentiate and stand out from the crowd. New businesses need to be able to attract the right core audience base, including target consumers, in order to generate revenues. To help you do this, we’ve curated a list of ways to creatively and effectively make your business stand out from the crowd. Check it out below.

Smart Marketing

All marketing is not created equal. Some campaigns are incredibly effective creating lifelong customers from target audiences, others, unfortunately, do not turn out as effectively. A key factor in how successful a new business is in the approach of marketing efforts. Businesses need to invest in smart marketing initiatives, no matter how big or how small the company’s marketing budget.

One of the best ways to measure a marketing campaign is based on the impressions with the target audience. For example, according to consumer data analysis company Nielsen television ads typically generate 450,000 impressions per campaign with numbers varying based on ad content and campaign length. Newspapers are regularly found to be the most expensive advertising medium today, costing $0.032 per impression, compared to television ads costing $0.025. According to Statista, the most cost effective form of advertising is speciality ads like promotional products and signage coming in at $0.007 per impression.

Signage & Marketing Materials

At Elite Signs & Graphics, we specialize in creating marketing signage to productively engage with your target consumers to bring in more sales. The cost per impression of using marketing and advertising mediums like signage, things like trade show banners, vehicle wraps, window decals, interior and exterior signs, are the most cost-effective form of advertising. Signage provides businesses with longer campaign timeframes and reaches incredibly large audiences.

For example, a trade show banner for a new business can generate hundreds of thousands of impressions per event. These materials help customers recognize and identify with your business. They also help consumers know what services, products, offers, and prices are available. Other examples include vehicle wraps that generate over 70,000 impressions daily, exterior signs generate hundreds of impressions daily as customers interact with your store front.

Get Creative

There are many creative marketing techniques within the advertising specialities medium to help your business stand out from the crowd. From creating eye-catching custom inflatables like event arches and inflatable furniture to custom stadium gear perfect for sports games, music events, and conferences, our team can help suggest creative ways to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Other creative marketing ideas include:

  • Using window decals and vinyl lettering in attractive ways to promote campaigns to consumers
  • Adding wall murals to your offices and/or for trade shows to increase brand awareness
  • Creating life-size cutouts for events – customers will love taking photos with these!
  • Offering sleek brochures and flyers to help spread awareness
  • Incorporating full color tabletop displays to stand out at tradeshows

Let us help!

At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

Growing Small Businesses With The Right Signage

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According to a recent article published by Forbes there are over 28 million small business owners in the United States, and over 50% of the workforce works for a small business. That’s a significant number of people working to to build and grow small businesses. While growth and increasing revenues are important for all businesses, they’re especially important for small businesses that might not have the backing and support found in larger corporations. Today, we’re sharing 3 ways to grow small businesses with the right signage.

1. Storefront Signage is Key

Building brand awareness is an important step in creating effective relationships with customers. It’s important to clearly communicate to customers who your company is and what your company has to offer. Creating a storefront sign is among the first steps in building this relationship. This type of signage strives to answer customer questions like: what specific services and products does your company offer? How are you different than your competition? And, how can you solve problems for the consumer to make their lives easier?

Your storefront signage projects the essence of your business to customers and potential customers. It’s one of the first things customers will notice about your brand, make sure it’s a positive one. The difference between a high-quality professional sign announcing your business and a cheap banner speaks volumes.

Small business owners may be tempted to cut costs by opting for lower quality signage. Avoid these pitfalls and contact our team at Elite Signs & Graphics. We offer professional-quality storefront signs that work for all ranges of budgets; from designing intricate installs to creating more simple-yet-quality window decals to serve as storefront signage and promote your business.

2. Build Brand Impressions

As a small business owner, every dollar you spend is important and meaningful. Make sure your advertising and marketing dollars are spent in a way that will get the most “bang-for-the-buck.” One way to do this is to use signage to continuously connect and build brand impressions with potential customers. By wrapping company vehicles, you can generate thousands of brand impressions. In fact, a study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) found that, depending on city and population size, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions, equating to millions of views a year.

3. Use Signage Effectively to Communicate Your Message  

Signage is an important marketing tool for other aspects of your small business as well. Your company may attend trade shows, host and/or sponsors events, or create promotional flyers; these materials are all part of your company’s marketing materials and should be carefully considered. While each medium may have a different approach to the messaging, your marketing signage should resonate and speak synchronously to amplify your brand.

Choosing the right signage to correctly share your message is key. If you need advice on which platform might work best for your needs, our team of marketing specialists can help. Our design team can create virtual mockup designs for you to provide visual previews as well. Examples of additional signage platforms available include:

  • Brochures/Flyers/Business Cards
  • Retractable Banners
  • Table Covers
  • Event Tents
  • Inflatables

Let us help!

At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Business Signs?

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Your signage represents your business and brand image to the public and often it’s the first interaction customers have with your company. You have one chance to create a great first impression with consumers, make sure your business signs represent the quality products and services you offer. At Elite Signs & Graphics, we create lasting, high-quality signage so you can be sure to create the best consumer impressions.

External Factors

There are several contributing factors that affect the lifecycle of your business sign. External factors like quality of materials and environment can greatly influence the lifespan of your business signage.  For example, when considering wrapping a vehicle it’s important to know that specific materials may influence lifecycle.

The environment plays the biggest contributing factor to the lifespan of signage. Outdoor signs in areas with intense, variable weather conditions will likely show wear-and tear sooner than places with rather temperate weather conditions. For example, conditions in Northern Florida where the weather is more mild might experience longer signage lifecycles than Central and Southern Florida where the wear is more severe. Let our experienced team at Elite Signs & Graphics help you pick the right signage to fit your business needs.

Internal Factors

There are also internal factors that may influence the decision whether or not to change business signage. If your business has recently gone through a rebrand, it’s advised to change all business marketing materials to reflect the new message. It’s not enough, for example, to just update business cards or a website with new information. It’s important to send clear, consistent messaging to consumers across all touchpoints — including signage. Depending on the signage used, this may be easier to do than you might anticipate. Options like window decals, vinyl lettering, or car wraps, can be switched out fairly easily. On the other hand, options like storefront signage will be more difficult to replace.

Another important internal factor to consider regarding signage is relevancy. How often do you want to create new, eye-catching graphics that represent your business and/or specific marketing initiatives? Using the same signage for 5+ years, while possible in terms of the signage lifespan, might not be the best use of marketing potential.

Your Sign Represents Your Business

Remember, how the appearance of your signage speaks to your business; whether that message is positive or not is up to you. Old, faded signs may imply your business is not current and not thriving. Outdated signage with old graphics and trends may imply that your business is outdated, not technologically-advanced, and that your products and services are also that way.

New, crisp signage creates positive brand associations. Customers may equate vibrant, eye-catching graphics with a business that understands the importance of design. Given the choice between working with a business with old, faded signage or working with a business with up-to-date, fresh signage, consumers will most likely choose the latter. Which would you choose? Let our team at Elite Signs & Graphics help you create vibrant, new signage for your business!

Let us help!

At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.

Vinyl Window Lettering and Window Decals:

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Which Is Best?


At Elite Signs and Graphics we specialize in creating custom signage to help your business build brand awareness and execute marketing initiatives. Two of the services we specialize in include vinyl window lettering and window decals. While both of these options provide custom graphic optimization to brand your windows, each process has distinct differences. Each option provides unique benefits and trade-offs to consider when creating the perfect graphic for your business needs. Today’s post helps you decide which treatment is best for your business – vinyl window lettering or window decals.

Vinyl Window Lettering

Vinyl lettering is ideal for businesses looking for a clean, crisp graphic primarily using numbers, letters, and one or two colors. This treatment cuts design shapes individually from adhesive, pre-colored vinyl. Each letter or number is cut using specific machinery, similar to the process of using a die-cut. The result is crisp lettering or numbers that can be adhered to glass, both the inside or outside on doors and windows, and on interior walls. This process can also create simple shapes, but isn’t able to handle complicated designs or logos.

Because vinyl lettering uses pre-colored vinyl there is a limited selection of colors available to utilize. The machinery is also limited to pre-loaded fonts and texts that work with the cutting process for vinyl lettering. Fonts with simple, clean lines work best. Elaborate, script fonts do not work as well for this process. At Elite Signs and Graphics, we make installation easy so that each piece does not need to be applied individually. Instead, we use a pre-spaced, masking transfer tape to make application easy. Your design will look just like it does on paper.

Many businesses use vinyl lettering when they want to create long-lasting signage for their businesses. A popular trend is to use vinyl lettering to showcase quotes, company mission statements, or goals to use as decor on walls. Additional examples of vinyl lettering usage include: store hours, phone numbers, websites, and interior wall designs.

4053208385_29e0dc7eb8_bSource: Flickr Creative Commons

Window Decals

Window decals are a great option for businesses looking to create elaborate, detailed, or multi-colored designs for their windows or glass surfaces. This type of treatment uses software designed to match colors exactly to the Pantone color code. Our Elite Signs and Graphics team can create a graphic using the exact shade of a color you’re looking to use. Window deals also allow full color processing i.e. the blending of full color shades.

The process of creating a window decal is quite different from that of creating vinyl window lettering.  A window decal is transferred or printed onto a clear sheet of Window Deco material. This material is designed to absorb full resolution colors and has adhesive properties. The image is printed onto the material leaving the clear material to act as a spacer between the images. Therefore the design will be created on one piece of material and installed as a single unit.

For design savvy customers, you can create your own image in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, save as a .PNG file and we’ll be able to print it exactly as is. If that was confusing to you, we also provide design services to do this service for our customers. Either way, you’ll end up with a graphic decal you love!


Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Pro’s and Con’s to Consider:

Vinyl Window Lettering:

  • Ideal for numbers, letters, and less complex designs
  • Ideal for graphics with a few color options
  • Easy to swap out missing numbers or letters without redoing entire design
  • Lasts longer than window decals. Typically vinyl lettering can last between 8-10 years

Window Decals:

  • Great for complex designs
  • Able to print multiple colors and full color process using 4 color process
  • Shorter lifespan, typically lasts 2-5 years
  • Easy to remove and trade out entire design with new images

Let us help!

At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, trade show banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand, call us at (407) 898-0111 for your free consultation today.



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