Project Spotlight: Van Window Decals for Vera Luce Lighting

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Meet Vera Luce, an LED Lighting company! This Central Florida brand offers industrial and private home LED lighting. LED technology is all about conserving energy to limit greenhouse gas emissions and provide extra savings for consumer’s wallets. Since, conservation means a big deal to Vera Luce, they decided to request our budget friendly, van window decal – print and installation services from our efficient print shop located in the Greater Orlando area of Winter Park, Florida.

Using our full color digital printer, we were able to duplicate Vera Luce’s exact logo color combination, for their vehicle window decals.  We installed the vinyl graphic decals to the driver, passenger side and rear windows on their company service van, check it out:

Vera Luce Minivan Window DecalsBeing on a budget, when it comes to marketing your business doesn’t have to equate to little budget, little outcome. Increase your local impressions without breaking the bank with our custom vehicle window decals service.

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5 Welcome Sign Ideas For Your Office/Storefront

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“Come one, come all. Everyone is welcome!”- Let your signage be the first to speak when guest arrive and enter your office or storefront. Here are 5 ways you can welcome your guests through signage:

1) Welcome Wall Mural




















2) Welcome Banner














3) Welcome Dimensional Wall Lettering
















4) Welcome Front Entrance Hanging Sign

















5) Welcome A-Frame Pop Up Sign
















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Project Spotlight: Acrylic Sign for Outreach Thrift Store

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Recently, we worked with Outreach Thrift store in Gainesville, Florida in the development of a custom cut acrylic sign for one of their new storefront locations. At our home office in the Orlando, Florida area, we designed, printed and applied the custom cut acrylic sign finishes. At Outreach Thrift’s storefront location in Gainesville, Florida, we undertook the signs installation process by replacing a previous business sign with the new Outreach Thrift store sign, that boldly shows the stores offering of “clothes & more”, that could been seen attractively from the roadway. Take a look at our project creation for Outreach Thrift store from start to finish:




Outreach Thrift is an organization that provides clothing and household goods through donations to families and individuals in need at super low prices than most thrift shops around. Outreach Thrift has been reaching out to the Gainesville community for more than 25 years and has successfully helped numerous families and individuals meet their needs. Elite Signs & Graphics of Orlando is always for the support of community efforts like Outreach. Through completing the installation of this signage project for Outreach Thrift, we hope to help those in the Gainesville, Florida community become more aware of Outreach Thrift.

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Humorous Sign Ideas To Fuel Buzz Talk About Your Business

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Sign Humor


The key to incorporating humor into your marketing strategy without offending others is to understand the audience your trying to appeal towards. When creating humorous ads your first thought might be to think of something uniquely funny. Actually it is unfavorable to think at firsthand of the comedy you will incorporate into your strategy. Rather, it is best to start off by thinking of ways you could draw on peoples emotions in relation to your offering in general. For instance, think  about what you are offering from a noncomedic standpoint and how your offering will impact your audiences life. After formulating your general marketing strategy, than, you want to incorporate the humor that fits well with your offerings personality. For instance, take a look at the Burger King Marquee-Electrical Sign message above, that states, “Spongebob is here hiring managers”. This ad is perfect in attracting job seekers, families and spongebob fans into the restaurant for some spongebob entertainment. Since, this restaurant is luring customers inside, it would be best for them to top off the ad through an in-store spongebob theme standee sign for photo ops or even get an employee to dress up in a spongebob costume. Oh the joy Burger King’s audience would have being a new hire or feasting at a restaurant, where Spongebob Squarepants visits!

Spongebob Standee Sign Idea


Do realize that not all signs have to be geared toward your product, cool signs like the restroom sign in the example below could get your customers talking about your business. Take a look at these other humorous sign ideas to get your creative brain juices flowing:

Humerous Church Sign


Bathroom Sign Humor


As a side note, never let humor completely overpower your brand to where your audience forgets that you are selling them a certain product or service.

“Laughter and joy makes the heart grow fonder”, so, how will you use humor to capture your audience’s attention towards your business offering?

Article by: Khaneza Mcnalist


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Why Should Your Local Orlando Business Participate in Small Business Saturday on November 27th?

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If you haven’t heard about small business Saturday already, than here is the scoop. In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday, a day after Thanksgiving that encourages locals to shop at small businesses within their community. In 2011, this movement was officially recognized by the U.S. government that every Saturday after Thanksgiving would be known as Small Business Saturdays. The First Annual Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey stated that an estimated $5.5 billion was spent at small independent businesses, nationally in 2012 between 11/22/12 – 11/26/12 (via

Get involved by advocating to locals in your community this holiday season that shopping small business can lead to greater benefits for their community; that the money they spend with your local business is like an investment through local sales taxation. Gear your small business to locally lead in this movement by incorporating into your marketing plan such actions as, a certain percentage of dollars spent with your business shall go towards certain local projects, like the building of a neighborhood park, for instance.

Here are some more reasons on why we think you should incorporate shop small business advertising into your marketing plan:

• Buying local equates to buying American products or services

• Local businesses usually have a smaller carbon footprint than multi-national corporations

• Local jobs are given to those in need of work within the community, instead of being outsourced overseas

• Customers receive more personal assistance

• Keep the local community innovative by motivating more entrepreneurs to rise up

Join the movement by advocating to locals to start shopping locally. You can even get creative by getting your local government involved in establishing a local small business day or week in your community. What other ideas do you think could lead locals to patronize with your local small business? Find out here.

Article by: Khaneza Mcnalist


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5 Budget-Friendly Sign Ideas to Expose Your Communities Special Events

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In our city of Orlando, Florida, events happen so often throughout the week, sometimes they pass by without the majority of the population even being aware of them. Get the word out about special events in your community with these 5 budget-friendly sign ideas:

1) Exterior building posters















2) Large format printed banners hung above high traffic areas

















3) Local church marquee lettering
















4) Multiple yard signs posted around the area
















5) Community pole signs














*Please note with all sign ideas that you must abide by your local city regulations in posting up signs within your community, be sure to check with your city for regulations on sign permits, sizing and more.

Article by: Khaneza Mcnalist


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4 Ways To Amp Up Your Local Business Communication in Orlando, Florida

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We are sure you have heard the popular phrase, “communication is key”. But, have you really taken the time to figure out, how to incorporate this phrase into your local business in relation to communication with current customers, clientele and prospects.


The following tips will help you amp up your local business communication in order to keep local ears (and eyes) focused toward your business:

1) Take the time to listen to feedback that your customers/clientele have to share! Show your customers/clientele that you care about what you do throughout your daily business affairs, by tuning into their feedback and allowing their feedback to help fine tune your brands delivery. Letting customers know that their feedback is greatly appreciated by implementing certain changes that they have presented to you, may lead them to tell others about your empathetic actions. Gather feedback through post-service or post-sales follow up mail-outs, such as reply survey post cards or for more confidentiality send out custom printed letter surveys for a more personal interaction with your customer/clientele. Always remember, the quality of your mail-outs represent your business or services overall quality!

2) Affiliate your business with other local businesses in the Orlando area! One of the most practical ways to get your name out in your community is by shaking hands with other business owners around your area. This may seem like a no brainer, but, when your handling daily work tasks, especially during high peak times, this can be the last thing on any business owners agenda. But, affiliating yourself with other business owners by becoming a partner reference for them and vice versa is very effective and practical. Word of mouth referencing can definitely take your business to the next level. Of course, you have to do your homework when choosing business affiliates, because the quality of service they output will reflect upon your quality of service.

3) Support a local organization around the Orlando area! Becoming a sponsor for local non-profits around your area through any contribution, whether delivering your service or money, can greatly benefit your entire community. Reach out and support an organization of your choice through sponsorships and see what great deeds can do for your community and your business.

4) Host A Community Party/Get Together at your local business site! It’s always a great idea to bring fun events into the community by hosting a community get together at your company whether it be through hosting a party or information session. For example, if you own a local bakery, host a sampling session or if you own a clothing store, host a dress-up tea. Getting the community involved in your companies way of life can pretty much start a buzz session around town, if you plan your event carefully! See our blog post on store/office front special event signage ideas that can take your event from basic to extraordinary: (coming soon)

Now, that you know customer feedback, affiliation, charity work and special event sessions, can help boost your business communication throughout your community, which tip will you utilize for your local business?

Article by: Khaneza Mcnalist


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Two Simple Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Start-Up Business

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The feeling of success takes over you, the minute you finally launch your new business. You feel all your “ducks” are in a row and sales will start rolling in from everywhere. But, one thing that may have been last on your to-do list is marketing and advertising to draw in those sales from everywhere. Luckily, we have for you two simple marketing tactics to help you on your way to growing a steady flow of customers/clients:

1) Showcase your product or service by highlighting how they can help enhance your prospect’s life. For example, if your small business start-up is a lawn service company, do not let low prices be the only factor into drawing in new clients, but, express to your prospects that you can help them, for instance, save their time for other things that may be of more importance to their lives by utilizing your services. No matter what industry category your business falls into, showcasing to prospects that your product or service can enhance their life should be one of the main messages of your offering. Test this out for your own business by using a compare and contrast advertisement to really amp up your businesses’ exposure. One example that comes to mind is highlighting the amount of money, the prospect can save by accepting your service or product and showing them how the money you helped them save could be used for other purposes like entertainment, for instance. Than, show them what their life would be like without your service, but, don’t go overboard on this! Just remember, that the challenge here is to get your prospects to see the win-win scenario of your offering! The more creative you get with this tactic the more your business should gain exposure and grow. Starting off by creating promotional flyers or post cards with high quality graphics are a great way in utilizing this tactic for your business.

2) Don’t forget that credibility is key! While you aim to showcase to your prospects how you can enhance their life with your product or service, you must always remember to reassure your prospects that your product or service is satisfactory guaranteed. In preparation of creating any graphic print materials like, promotional flyers, make sure you place your satisfactory guaranteed message on these promotional tools, so your prospects can feel assured to accept your service or product without feeling like they will be wasting their time and money. No one likes a lose-lose scenario! Get as creative as possible! Take the time to brainstorm and jot down other ways you can show that your product or service is credible, customer reviews are always great to showcase. There are lots of other options that can enhance your businesses’ credibility, even as a start-up. The goal is to curb any fears that your prospects may have about attaining certain products or services from start-up businesses. Get your prospects to have confidence in your offering!


Article by: Khaneza Mcnalist


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Project Spotlight: Martial Arts World

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Martial Arts World of Orlando, originally founded in 1978 in downtown Orlando provides weight loss, stress release, self-defense, confidence building classes at various locations in Greater Orlando and throughout the United States. Their Greater Orlando locations are located in Metro West, Florida,  Orlando, Florida, Winter Springs, Florida and Kissimmee, Florida. As one of Orlando’s most recommended signs & graphics companies, we had the privilege of working with their team to develop custom graphics for their storefront located in Winter Springs, Florida. This special project consisted of custom graphics, printing (with our eco-friendly printer) on vinyl glass window material, preparation of the prints and installation. Pertaining to the design of Martial Arts World’s storefront signage, the key advertising element that we focused on was information placement, such as their company telephone number, website address, company name, company logo and service options. Here are the results:



Additionally, Martial Arts World requested from us to create custom graphics for their company’s fleet of vans. We printed and installed the graphics to deliver a complete van wraps that would be utilized as their moving billboard around the city. Check out the custom fleet graphics and printed vinyl wrap installations:

Basic Office Front Signs With A Strong Message For Your Orlando Business

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Its may be time to upgrade your office front sign, but, the question that may come to mind is whether you should consider purchasing a sign that looks basic or opt for a more fancy sign such as, an electrical sign? The most important factor to consider in making your decision to upgrade your signage is probably not so much the type of sign that you purchase, but, the message that you present on the sign. The sign is your tool, the message on the sign is your”bait”, so make sure that you start off by coming up with an effective brand message to jump start your signage upgrade. Don’t get us wrong, if you have a strong message but, a sign that lacks quality in looks, than, this does not help neither. You have to find the right balance between the message you want to portray on the sign and the sign’s design.

Don’t clutter your sign with so many words that it takes away from the message (unless, it is a part of the signs artistic design)

The reason you don’t want to clutter your signs design with lots of words is simply linked to the fact that every persons time is valuable, although your company may provide beneficial services or products to the general public, no one wants to really spend no more than a couple of seconds to figure out what your business is offering. Make sure your message is as simple as possible, for example, we completed office front vinyl window decal signs for a Hotel Staffing agency in Orlando, Fl. Since, their company is more focused on providing staffing to hotels, they decided to have the word, staffing, in bold font placed at the very top of the window area of their front office. Next, they opted for their logo and company name that was a size down and located beneath the word, staffing. On the door to enter their front office, they placed their office hours in bold. This company decided to opt for a very simple message in making sure that any person passing by their office can see that their office provides staffing to hotels during, their specified normal office of operation time. Its that simple! Not only is this staffing agencies sign straight to the point, but,  they opted for a sign type that is basic, but, effective in design for showcasing their message. Their sign type and message, surely, balance for effective advertising. This is why we state that it is not just about how fancy your sign is but the message that goes along with it is highly valuable to consider.



A Basic sign with a strong message can take your business to the next level. Think first your message, than, the signs design!

You probably don’t run a dental office, but, here is another great example of a simple sign with a strong message. The Orlando, Fl based, dental office of Jennifer Ortega, specializing in restorative and cosmetic dentistry recognized along with their signs design that a simple message is key. The dental office of Jennifer Ortega opted for a post and panel sign with vinyl and dimensional letters. Analyze their sign a step further to take into consideration that they chose a blue color for their panel with gold lettering for an eye-catching sign and used only 5 lines to present their companies message. Just 5 lines of text is all it takes to start your businesses advertising journey.


Remember, you don’t need to opt for the fanciest sign for your advertising needs, rather, a basic sign with a straight forward/strong message can take your business to the next level.


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