Project Spotlight: Martial Arts World

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Martial Arts World of Orlando, originally founded in 1978 in downtown Orlando provides weight loss, stress release, self-defense, confidence building classes at various locations in Greater Orlando and throughout the United States. Their Greater Orlando locations are located in Metro West, Florida,  Orlando, Florida, Winter Springs, Florida and Kissimmee, Florida. As one of Orlando’s most recommended signs & graphics companies, we had the privilege of working with their team to develop custom graphics for their storefront located in Winter Springs, Florida. This special project consisted of custom graphics, printing (with our eco-friendly printer) on vinyl glass window material, preparation of the prints and installation. Pertaining to the design of Martial Arts World’s storefront signage, the key advertising element that we focused on was information placement, such as their company telephone number, website address, company name, company logo and service options. Here are the results:



Additionally, Martial Arts World requested from us to create custom graphics for their company’s fleet of vans. We printed and installed the graphics to deliver a complete van wraps that would be utilized as their moving billboard around the city. Check out the custom fleet graphics and printed vinyl wrap installations:

Basic Office Front Signs With A Strong Message For Your Orlando Business

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Its may be time to upgrade your office front sign, but, the question that may come to mind is whether you should consider purchasing a sign that looks basic or opt for a more fancy sign such as, an electrical sign? The most important factor to consider in making your decision to upgrade your signage is probably not so much the type of sign that you purchase, but, the message that you present on the sign. The sign is your tool, the message on the sign is your”bait”, so make sure that you start off by coming up with an effective brand message to jump start your signage upgrade. Don’t get us wrong, if you have a strong message but, a sign that lacks quality in looks, than, this does not help neither. You have to find the right balance between the message you want to portray on the sign and the sign’s design.

Don’t clutter your sign with so many words that it takes away from the message (unless, it is a part of the signs artistic design)

The reason you don’t want to clutter your signs design with lots of words is simply linked to the fact that every persons time is valuable, although your company may provide beneficial services or products to the general public, no one wants to really spend no more than a couple of seconds to figure out what your business is offering. Make sure your message is as simple as possible, for example, we completed office front vinyl window decal signs for a Hotel Staffing agency in Orlando, Fl. Since, their company is more focused on providing staffing to hotels, they decided to have the word, staffing, in bold font placed at the very top of the window area of their front office. Next, they opted for their logo and company name that was a size down and located beneath the word, staffing. On the door to enter their front office, they placed their office hours in bold. This company decided to opt for a very simple message in making sure that any person passing by their office can see that their office provides staffing to hotels during, their specified normal office of operation time. Its that simple! Not only is this staffing agencies sign straight to the point, but,  they opted for a sign type that is basic, but, effective in design for showcasing their message. Their sign type and message, surely, balance for effective advertising. This is why we state that it is not just about how fancy your sign is but the message that goes along with it is highly valuable to consider.



A Basic sign with a strong message can take your business to the next level. Think first your message, than, the signs design!

You probably don’t run a dental office, but, here is another great example of a simple sign with a strong message. The Orlando, Fl based, dental office of Jennifer Ortega, specializing in restorative and cosmetic dentistry recognized along with their signs design that a simple message is key. The dental office of Jennifer Ortega opted for a post and panel sign with vinyl and dimensional letters. Analyze their sign a step further to take into consideration that they chose a blue color for their panel with gold lettering for an eye-catching sign and used only 5 lines to present their companies message. Just 5 lines of text is all it takes to start your businesses advertising journey.


Remember, you don’t need to opt for the fanciest sign for your advertising needs, rather, a basic sign with a straight forward/strong message can take your business to the next level.


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Top 3 Vintage Motel to Hotel Landmark Signs

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1) The Lollipop Motel is known for it’s iconic vintage 1950s sign that features a lollipop with two smiling children’s heads beneath it. This sign is known all over the world as featured in international books, magazines and newspaper headlines. This motel has been open for 50 years, an serves its guest the message of a fun, friendly, family environment with a 1950s spirit that is presented to guest through colorful room doors and original 1950s motel architecture. Located in the Wildwoods of New Jersey and minutes away from the Wildwood boardwalk, many visitors could not imagine a more family friendly vacation setting. When you take a look at The Lollipop Motel‘s sign, we promise you won’t forget this iconic brand image:

The Lollipop Motel Vintage Sign


The Lollipop Motel Vintage Colorful Architecture


2) The Stardust Hotel-Casino was  one of the ultimate luxury vacation hotels in the United States. Frank Sinatra used to frequent this famous hotel during his stays in Las Vegas. The Stardust Hotel-Casino’s famous “Stardust” sign, designed by Kermit Wayne, featured the name of the hotel “stardust” on top of a cosmic star dust cloud, created from neon electric light bulbs that beamed nightly. The letter “S” in Stardust contained 975 lamps. Overall, the sign, “utilized 7,100 ft of neon tubing with over 11,000 bulbs along its 216 ft front”.  Tourists used to report seeing the Stardust Hotel’s sign, 60 miles away from the hotels location. Straight from the 1950s, this iconic sign was a stellar site to see, take a look for yourself. (Note: This image was captured before the demolition of the Hotel that happened on March 7, 2014.)

Stardust Hotel-Casino Iconic Vintage Sign


3) The Tropicana Motor Hotel was one of many iconic vintage neon electrical signs that displayed along the highway known today as Miracle Mile in Tuscon, Arizona. This neon sign had its first debut during the grand opening of the Tropicana Motor Hotel in the 1960s. Although, the Tropicana Motor Hotel was demolished in 2004, the sign remains in the collection withother iconic vintage signs kept  by the city of Tuscon.

Tropicana Motor Hotel Vintage Iconic Sign

(via Pinterest-CelebrityHotSpots)

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Holographic Signs – The Future is Now!

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As new technology emerges the advertising industry is being effected rapidly. The internet has taken the industry of advertising to great heights from social media networking to Google ads. At the moment, the advertising industry seems to have a tight grasp on ways to draw attention of prospects online through these mediums, but, let us not forget those prospects, who rather shop locally throughout their city. Yes, it is true, that not everyone believes in shopping online and each local shopper has their own reasons to choose companies like Elite Signs & Graphics, a local signs and graphics company in Orlando, Fl over online companies like, when it comes to their signage needs. In order to attract these local customers, local businesses have to remain up-to-date with the latest signage technology in order to attract prospects. Digital advertising is taking over like never before. Next time, you visit your local Walmart’s food department, take a close look, as almost every 2 to 3 aisles has a motion sensor device that shows clips of product advertising with direct greeting such as, “hello”. But, if you think that is fascinating, than prepare to be amazed by the rise of holographic advertising signs. Whether, you realized it or not, holographic signage of the future is happening now, right before our eyes. We’d like to think that holographic advertising in-store offers a more successful approach in grabbing a customers attention to make them aware of new offers because holographic signs unlike digital motion sensor signs, present customers with a more realistic viewing experience. The more interactive the advertisement, the more attention will be drawn from customers in bringing to their awareness new items or services. Companies from Samsung to Lego have used holographic advertising to showcase, new product offerings throughout stores in Europe and Asia. Check out this Samsung Galaxy 5, in-store holographic advertisement:


Lego Star Wars holographic advertisement in a toy store:


Bonus Video: Disney theme juice box advertisement in the juice aisle of a grocery store


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The Benefits of Storefront Sign Usage (Facts)

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Most business owners might not think a sign is very important, other than that, it is just mere decoration for their storefront, but, their are a lot of statistical facts that should lead one to think that signs are necessary for more than just location awareness. Here is a list of statistical facts, that should help any business owner understand the benefits of signs:

‌• 50% of on-premise signs help to bring new customers into stores.
‌• Signs attract half of a start-up businesses new customers.
‌• Adding or updating information on a sign can increase sales revenue.
‌• 13% to 20% of the population moves each year, therefore, you have 13% to 20% of new customers to attract by new or updated signs.
‌• Most customers state that they know about a business because they saw (the businesses signs) it while passing by.
‌• The value of on-site signs are equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper ads each year.

Check Out The Graphic Explanation Below:

(Courtesy of:


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Orlando Election Signage: Why are Signs So Important for Elections?

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Every campaign office for candidates running for local Orlando, Fl elections should know why signs are an important marketing tool for the candidate they are trying to promote. Here is a list of several reasons to consider sign marketing as an option for political campaign promotions:

1) Signs help to bring awareness and recognition to a candidates name

2) When numerous signs are placed around certain locations, the repetitive views of the candidates name and party affiliation with a slogan, can benefit the political running candidate because people begin to draw a connection, after seeing or hearing something time and time again. Kind of like a song that you did not like at first, but, after awhile it starts to “grow on you”.

3) Based upon where the candidates (yard) sign is placed, people tend to make judgments on the type of interests this candidate must have based on where the location of the political candidates (yard) signs have been placed. The number of signs in a particular area, say for instance, seeing a candidates name in a area of the city or town, that is known to be a place where upper middle class people live, might cause people to judge that political candidate as, college educated, family oriented, well-rounded and would make a great political leader, since, they come off more of a success. This is just a hypothetical stereotype of one perception people can have from seeing numerous signs of candidate in a particular area of the city or town he/she is running in.

4) The use of political (yard) signs help people to actually have an opinion about the running candidate and prevents people from being neutral about the running candidate.

Recently, at Elite Signs & Graphics, we have been printing and preparing (yard) signs for this upcoming election season and one bit of advice to a political candidates marketing team, would be, when designing your candidate’s signs make sure to consider the effectiveness of the design elements of the sign. For instance, be aware of these very important factors that can make or break your signs message:

1) Typeface Shown on the Sign

2) Information Shown on the Sign

3) Images Shown on the Sign

4) Color Combinations for the Signs Design

5) The Amount of White Space on the Sign

6) Your Direct Message of the Candidate’s Position

Political Signs 1- Edited

To understand what we mean exactly by these factors, please read our article on the: 6 Ways To Effectively Use Design Elements For Your Sign Design

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“Election Signage for Local Races | Blog.” . N.p., 16 Oct. 2013. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. <>.

10 Sign Industry Words Defined: Week of April 14, 2014

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As a business owner, you may seek sign services for a specific need, but, knowing the correct terminology to use to assist in the description of the signs you want  can be a bit challenging, so, each week we want to define for you, 10 sign industry words (from A to Z), so, you will be better able to explain your exact sign needs for your business.

‌• Animated sign: a sign that shows motion or changes in copy or color by means of an electric or electronic switching device. For example, like a moving billboard, where the panels that together make a large billboard images turns to show multiple ads.

‌• Architectural sign: a sign type, often part of a system of signs, associated with the architecture of a building or building complex, giving information about specific locations within, for example like, wayfinding or directory signs.

East Hillcrest Directory-Edited
• ATM Toppers (Sign): video screens built into automatic teller machines that run advertising and other information independent of the ATM. This is great signage for banking or in-store/ storefront ATM’s.

ATM Topper- Edited
• Awning (Sign): a shelter constructed of non-rigid materials on a supporting framework which projects from and is supported by the exterior wall of a building. An awning may or may not be illuminated and/or decorated with graphics to serve as a sign.

Law Office Attorneys  Awning Law Firm Sign- Edited
 Backlit Sign: a sign consisting of a cabinet containing a light source surrounded by one or more translucent faces, illuminated for visibility.

Fraziers Place - Edited
• Baked Enamel: a type of metal sign finish. A special enamel paint is sprayed or screen printed on the metal surface, dried, then cured. The result is an extremely durable surface similar to that found on many appliances.

• Bio-Solvent Inks: a type of solvent ink in which the alcohol-based carrier (ethyl lactate) is derived from renewable resources such as corn. Ethyl lactate is very low in harmful VOCs and is considered by the EPA to be a viable alternative to cyclohexanone.

• Braille (Sign): a form of tactile signage consisting of raised symbols that enabling visually-impaired and unsighted people to read and write. Braille is broken into two grades: Grade 1 Braille involves a character-by-character translation of printed material; Grade 2 Braille uses special contractions (much like the phonetic parts of speech) for messages. Grade 2 Braille is required by federal law according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

• Cabinet (Sign): an electric sign, not including the components and structure. A cabinet is made up of a face and back, or two faces, along with the edge. (Also called can.)

Allstate Electrical Lightbox Lettering Insurance Office Sign-Edited
• Channel Letter (Sign): the outline of a letter, with extended sidewalls that create depth, into which a light source is placed.

Health Nut Express Food Store Electrical Channel Letters Sign 2-Edited

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“Sign & Digital Graphics.” Glossary of Industry Terms. N.p., 1 Jan. 2009. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. <>.

6 Ways To Effectively Use Design Elements For Your Sign Design

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Are you preparing to design your signage? When designing your signs you want to make sure that the signs presentation is not unreadable nor confusing to the customer. When designing your signs always remember to be precise and direct with the type of message you are trying to send to your customers. When designing your sign pay close attention to the elements of the signs design, such as the, font, images, information, color and white space. Check out our detailed explanation:

1) Make Sure Your Typeface is Readable

If customers have to strain their eyes or if a customer cannot understand your signs message after looking at your sign for up to 60 seconds due to font size or font style issues on your sign, than, this can hinder your business. It is best to be as creative as possible with drawing attention to your sign based on the design, but, using a font that is too abstract, for instance, using cursive or novelty fonts, can lead to signage communication issues of the message your company is trying to present. Remember, the name of your company is super important, as it is the companies name that customers use to identify your brand, therefore, be sure that customers can read what it says.


2) Using Proper Graphic Images

Make sure that when designing your signs that the graphic images you use make a direct connection of what your business is about to your customers. When designing your graphic images make sure that they are easy to see, not pixelated and make sure the over-all quality of the graphic images used are not showing signs of low quality graphic designing. Also, do not pair your images with a lot of text, as the text can “drown out” the image. The best advice we can give for the use of proper graphic images when you are designing is to use your company logo as your image, not only will your customers always draw a connection of your companies logo with business service in mind, but, it is that fastest way to help your customer mentally draw the two connections.

Graphics - Edited

3) The Presentation Of Information on a Sign

It can be tempting to want to actually explain in full detail what your business is all about, but, remember, customers only give you a couple of seconds of their time before they move on to more entertaining advertisement, if your sign advertisement is bogged down with text, therefore, be sure to always keep your information on your signs with text at a minimum. Remember, being precise and direct with any information presented on your sign can be the most positive impression to customers of your business.

Sign location is also everything when it comes to the length of information you present on your signs. If you have a returns policy, counter-top (inside) sign that you have displayed in your store, of course, in this case it is a good idea to write as much detail as possible about what your return policy entails. Now, if you are directing customers into your store through outside sign usage, than, you want to use a minimum of two – six words to gain your customers attention and lure them into your store off impulse, by what you have to offer to them.

Information- Edited

4) Make Sure The Color Combinations On Your Signs Coordinate and Make Your Sign Look More Attractively, Pleasing!

“The best combinations are text of either black, dark blue or red and a background of yellow or white. White text is the most difficult for the eye to process (1).” Always be consistent with your color combinations throughout your various sign advertisements, as consistency of colors can lead to better branding of your company.

color coorination - Edited

5) White Space is Necessary For Signs- Here Is Why?

It is appropriate to leave plenty of white space on your signs as any part of the sign with white space, leads the customers eyes back to the text located on the sign. “Studies show that 30% to 40% of your sign should be white space (1).”

White sPace- Edited

6) Convey a Straight Forward Message On Your Sign About Your Company

“A sign is not something that should be hastily designed and thrown up in your store(1).” It is best to outline what message you want your sign to portray to (potential) customers before heading straight into designing your signage. Spend some time to plan and make sure that the your companies message will be clear. Sometimes you might need to make multiple signs to get your point across about what your company offers and this is okay, it actually can be pretty effective if each has its own unique message to portray about your company.

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(1) “Sign Design: Effectively Using Design Elements.” N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. <>.

Top 4 Uses of Signs for Inside or Outside Purposes

Published on Apr 16, 2014 by Blog, Featured in Blog, Featured

1) To Establish Recognition and Awareness (Outside Signage)

A sign on the outside of your store, basically, provides information and  recognition of your business to potential customers.

Tip: Make sure that your sign(s) is/are clearly visible from the road. In a 2011 study by BrandSpark stated that, 49.7 percent of people surveyed indicated that they had driven by and failed to find a business because the sign(s) were either too small or unclear to Identify(1).

Badgley Law Attorneys GRoup In-Ground Post Office Sign 2 - Edited

Vapor Co 1 - Edited

2) Use Signs for Directional or Wayfinding Functions (Outside/Inside Signage)

Directional or Wayfinding signage can help guide customers through your store or outside of your building for easy transitioning to find their way to the drive-thru bank teller (outside), for instance, these types of signs can also be used to complete a purchase at a specific cash register or find the customer service department to complete a return (inside) and there are many more uses for Directional or Wayfinding Signs. Customers love straight forward and ease of access to your business and its services.

Predators Office Directional Sign- Edited

3) Boost Your Promotional Marketing Efforts (Outside Signage)

Signs can be used to entice impulse shopping. They act as a guide to lure potential or established customers into your store with special discounts and promotions, displayed on sidewalk signs or A-frames.

Tip: You want to make sure your sidewalk signs are as large and all information stated on the sign, including graphics are boldened/highlighted, so that it is easy to read or see by people passing by.

Winter Park Village Sidewalk Sale Sign - Edited

4) Further Entice Customers With Other Specials/Promotions In-Store (Inside Signage)

Using  counter or table top signage can be highly engaging for customers, it helps to boost their interest in your product, especially if the sign(s) uses terms such as, “New Items In This Season”, “___% Off” or “Last Chance/Seasonal Deals”. Using these terms can really improve your chance of making a sale, upon each customer impression.

Tip: The type of signs you use and the terms and graphics used in your signs are very important upon customer impressions in landing a sale from your signage everytime.


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“5 Functions of a Sign | Blog.” N.p., 7 Mar. 2014. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. <>.

How is Vinyl Wrap Film Made?

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We would like to note that all Vinyl film is mainly created with the same type of basic raw materials, such as Polyvinylchloride (PVC) with other added ingredients like, plasticizer, which makes the film flexible, pigments and UV absorbers, which improves the films resistance against UV radiation. The quality of these ingredients range from high-grade to low-grade.

There are two ways cast and calendared vinyl film is manufactured: cast and calendared, each with it’s advantages. The main important ingredient that produces various types of vinyl film is plasticizer (with and without solvents). It is industry known that the manufacturing technique of casting develops a much better quality film than calendared. So, here are the manufacturing differences between casting and calendared films that make them vary by quality.

Cast Film

Cast film is know industry wide to be “a premium product with excellent durability and conformability” features (1). The first step into making cast film is to have the proper ingredients at hand, known as the formulation. These ingredients are pre-measured and added to a big manufacturing mixing churner that is kept at a set speed for a consistent mixture. The product of this mixture is termed the organosol, which is poured or cast onto a moving web known as a casting sheet, where the sheet is taken through a series of ovens to evaporate any solvents (1). This evaporation process is important as the end result is solid film material with great dimensional stability (1). This type of film is mainly used for customers who request a paint-like finish for their boat, vehicle and/or fleet. The life of this film is estimated around 8+ years, when exposed to outside elements, daily.



Calendared Film

Calendared film is know industry wide as economy film. Calendared film uses the same ingredients as cast film, but, it does not contain solvents (1). The same technique as you would make a pizza in an oven is the same way Calendared film is made (minus the yummy sauce and toppings). The calendared film is put into an oven, where it is heated, changing its state of matter from a solid to a liquid. The next step is “polished steel rolls progressively squeeze and stretch the vinyl into a flat sheet (similar to flattening out dough with a rolling pin)” (1). Since, Calendar Film does not have stabilizers, its manufacturing process creates a state of memory to which, it is less dimensionally stable, so, that if exposed to heat time-after-time it eventually shrinks back to its original form. Calendared films is known to be very inexpensive, since the manufacturing ingredients are low-grade and lack solvents. The life span of calendared film is estimated around 1 – 7 years, when exposed to outside elements, daily.



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(1) Waters, Molly. “Cast vs. Calendered Vinyl.” Digital Imaging Avery Graphics. Web. 12 Apr 2014. <>

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