How Branding Affects Business

Published on Sep 14, 2016 by Blog, Featured in Blog, Featured

Branding is an extremely important part of creating and growing a business. In today’s fast-paced and highly accessible society, it’s even more important to tell the narrative of your company yourself – because if you don’t, be sure that someone else will. Today, we’re discussing the importance of branding and How Branding Affects Business.


What is a Brand?

Let’s start at the beginning; what is a brand? While we may take this idea for granted as we are continuously surrounded by advertising messages from brands, it’s smart to begin the conversation by defining what a brand actually is. A brand is everything that encompasses and makes up an organization. Things like a company logo and visual identity, marketing and communication strategy, key employees and company decisions, product design, packaging, pricing structure, and targeted customer base. In short, a brand is your company’s identifying mark.

Creating an Informed Brand Strategy

Now that we’ve discussed everything that comprises a brand, it’s time to look at the effects of a well-informed brand strategy. A brand strategy will give guidelines to your company on what your brand is and how it operates. If your entire company operates with the same vision, purpose, and mission – from the CEO to the newly hired interns – you’ll be able to create a  “flag” that others can proudly wave.

Defining your brand guidelines helps you connect with your customers. It helps them recognize your company and differentiate you from other competitors in the same industry. Often times your product offering and pricing structures might be very similar to your competitors, what differentiates you is your brand. How you treat customers, your company voice, your policies, all comprise your brand strategy. Creating a strong brand strategy also helps you connect with a variety of other stakeholders like customers, investors, employees, and future customers.

Building Your Brand Helps You Grow Your Business

Growing your brand is a vital step in growing your business. As you continue to differentiate yourself from competitors and create a strong brand voice, you’ll attract the consumers in your target demographic. For example, consider the Mercedes-Benz brand. This company’s brand strategy clearly works to target a higher-income customer. Everything they do and make; from their luxury interiors to their simple, elegant commercials reinforces this brand identity.

Create an Emotional connection

Lastly, strong brands create an emotional connection with consumers. Emotional connection with brands has largely been studied and connected with buying power. The more a brand can create an emotional response in consumers, the more likely consumers will be to buy. Take Disney for example, the organization has some of the best branding and consumer loyalty of any company. Customers flock to all things Disney; whether it’s their amusement parks, branded goods, movies or television shows. Disney has created an emotional response in their customers. People are willing to pay well over market value for Disney-branded goods than they are for the same good without the branding.

When companies are bought or merge with other companies, largely what is being bought and sold is the brand. Yes, product, manufacturing supplies, work force, and other tangible items will be exchanged, but the brand itself is typically the most vital exchange.  Like the famous quote by Steve Forbes says, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

Let us help!

At Elite Signs and Graphics, we understand how important your brand is to your business. That’s why we create full branded capabilities to highlight your brand wherever you go. We offer vehicle wraps, signs, tradeshow banners, interior and exterior signage, and more. Let us help you build your brand!

Project Spotlight: Fusion 360 Lounge N Grill – Electrical and Awning Signage

Published on Sep 21, 2015 by Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs in Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs

Orlando has a new restaurant and lounge in town located in the neighborhood of Dr. Phillips, close to Universal, Disney World and International drive. This fantastic restaurant and lounge known as Fusion 360 Lounge N Grill offers Indian Cuisine and craft cocktails in a posh atmosphere. We recently had the pleasure of working with Fusion 360 Lounge N Grill to create and install awning lettering and two electrical signs showcased on the exterior, front side of their restaurant building. Below you will see the final look of the installation:

Fusion 360 - Electrical Sign - View 1


Fusion 360 - Electrical Sign - View 2


Fusion 360 - Electrical Sign - View 3


Fusion 360 - Electrical Sign - View 4

Posted by Khaneza Mcnalist

Project Spotlight: Bungalow Beach Place 3D Metal Lettering

Published on Sep 16, 2015 by Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs in Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs

Although, Summer is almost coming to an end, thankfully here in the Sunshine State, we are able to enjoy the beach almost all year round. One of our recent sign projects involved creating 3D lettering for the exterior of a beachside vacation rental property in Indian Shores, Florida known as Bungalow Beach Place. This project consisted of producing custom designed and cut metal lettering at our print shop in Greater Orlando. Our talented team of installers made the journey to Indian Shores, Florida and applied the finishing touches with a full installation of the dimensional lettering. The sign was installed at the rear of the building, which is only steps away from the ocean, where beach goers taking a casual stroll can view the name of the property. Interesting thing about this property is that it has been around since, the 1970s. Previously it was known as the Florentine, but, now it sports the name Bungalow Beach Place. Team Elite has done it again, we are always creating rocking signs that fit a variety of brand images.

Bungalow Beach Place - Metal Wall Lettering

If you like what you see, then, check out our other 3D exterior lettering projects here.

Posted by Khaneza Mcnalist

Project Spotlight: Graham Chiropractic Electical Sign

Published on Sep 14, 2015 by Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs in Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs

Located off of Sand Lake Road in Orlando, Florida is the doctor’s office of Dr. Glenn S Graham and Dr. Jon D. McCoy.  Dr. Graham, a native Philadelphian attended Life Chiropractic University, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He has been practicing in Orlando since 1999, having “…worked one on one with several members of the NFL, MLB, NBA, LPGA and PGA, along with professional dancers, wakeboarders, water skiers and mixed martial arts fighters”(1). Dr. McCoy a native Ohioian, earned his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is one out of one hundred and forty doctors in the United States, who knows how to apply a “…special myofascial release that deals directly with sports and muscle/joint injuries” (1).

We recently had the privilege of designing and installing channel lettering (electrical signage) for their medical office, Graham Chiropractic. Check out the final look of their custom electrical signage after the installation was completed by our talented team of installers:

Graham Chiropractic - 2



(1) The Doctors. (n.d.). Retrieved September 21, 2015, from

Post by Khaneza Mcnalist

“Keeping It Simple” Salon Signs

Published on Aug 3, 2015 by Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs in Blog, Featured, Recent Jobs

Salon signage could be a bit mind-boggling to choose with such a vast amount of options ranging from dimensional lettering to banners. This Summer, we are putting the simple in salon signage options with the choice between electrical signs or channel lettering. We call these simple because they are the perfect signs to choose when you want an all-in-one sign solution for day and night display. Electrical signs and channel letters that are backlit are highly effective in catching the eye of those out’n’about the city during the night, as well as, catching the eye of daytime travelers with their 3D appearance.

Recently, we completed salon signage for two salon brands in the Orlando area. The first signage solution, we completed was an electrical sign for Nail Perfection Salon. The second salon known as A & B Salon, chose the option of having us install, backlit channel letters for their salon front.

Take a look at the snapshots of the final installations below:

Nail Perfections Salon - Side View


Nail Perfections Salon Dimensional Sign


AB Salon Dimensional Sign - Full View


AB Salon Dimensional Sign


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Flashback Friday: Food Truck Art in Orlando

Published on Jul 31, 2015 by Blog, Featured, Food Trucks in Blog, Featured, Food Trucks

This Friday, we are taking a look back at some of the art wraps, we installed for local food truck companies in the Orlando area.

1) Jeremiah’s Italian Ice “Sweet Fleet”


2) Voodoo Kitchen


3) The Food Truck Bazaar (The Daily City – Orlando)


4) OG’s Soul Food


5) Shellbear Food & Catering

Front View of Shellbear Catering Truck


Shellbear Food and Catering Food Truck Art - Passenger Side


Shellbear Cater Food Truck - Rearview

Post by Khaneza Mcnalist

Throwback Thursday: Orlando KIA Dealership Sign

Published on Jul 23, 2015 by Blog, Featured in Blog, Featured

This Thursday, we are reflecting back to when we completed this 10 year-100,000 mile warranty office front sign for Orlando KIA in the Spring of 2015. This type of signage is called a window decal, it’s semi-permanent and can be replaced with a newly designed decal, when desired. Window decals are great for storefront or office front buildings if your business is running an advertising campaign for an extended period of time. We do not recommend using stickers as a signage choice for storefront or office front settings, as stickers are for temporary use only. The adhesive on  stickers were not made to last as long as the adhesive used for window decals. Plus, window decals can withstand the rays of the sun over a longer period of time than, a sticker.

Below you will see the final look of the window decal, we installed for Orlando KIA:





Post by Khaneza Mcnalist

Project Spotlight: The SPAw Groom

Published on Jul 12, 2015 by Blog, Featured in Blog, Featured

The SPAw Groom is a mobile pet grooming service that covers Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Orlando and surrounding areas. Their grooming service is all about providing natural and holistic pet care through the use of “…organic, wheat free, gluten free, soap free, and earth friendly (biodegradable) products” (via This Summer, we had the privilege of installing The SPAw Groom’s branded artwork on their company’s van with our vinyl vehicle wrap solution, which is equivalent to turning a company’s vehicle into a moving billboard. This solution is one of the most effective mobile signage solutions used to increase local impressions, while on service calls around the city.

Catch a glimpse of the final installation of The SPAw Groom’s vehicle graphics below:

The SPAw Groom - 3


The SPAw Groom - 2


The SPAw Groom - 1


The SPAw Groom - 4


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Project Spotlight: MetroPCS Kiosk Wrap

Published on Jul 7, 2015 by Blog, Featured in Blog, Featured

Photobooths are super-duper fun event marketing tools. But, no one wants to step into just any plain photobooth. That is why MetroPCS came to us to have their Photobooth wrapped with custom branded graphics for their upcoming campaign with Ronda Rousey, a UFC Batanweight Champion.

Check out the final look of the wrap installation below:

Monster Photobooth - 3


Monster Photobooth - 2


Monster Photobooth - 1


Posted by Khaneza Mcnalist

Project Spotlight: OG’s Soul Food Truck Wrap

Published on Jul 2, 2015 by Blog, Featured, Food Trucks, Recent Jobs in Blog, Featured, Food Trucks, Recent Jobs

Orlando, are you ready? OG’s Soul Food truck will be trailing down the streets of O-town this Summer with tasty Southern treats that are sure to rock your taste buds. Also, keep your eyes peeled for OG’s Soul Food Truck’s distinct art showcased on the passenger and driver sides of the truck. Our designers worked with OG’s Soul Food team to put together the design and prepare it for print onto vinyl wrap material, which is a type of material that is equivalent to a big sticker, but semi-permanent to last through the elements and certain weather conditions. Our installers did the task of installing the graphics to the food truck. Below you will find the finished look in these behind the scenes photos we captured. Check it out:

OGs Soul Food Truck - Front View

OGs Soul Food Truck Art Wrap by Elite Signs and Graphics of Orlando


OGs Soul Food Truck of Orlando - Drivers Side


OGs Soul Food Truck of Orlando - Artwork Closeup

OGs Soul Food Truck of Orlando - Rear

Post by Khaneza Mcnalist

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